Wow, I am soo thankful for so many friends and family members caring for me and praying for me. Joshua wrote about my ordeal and captured things pretty acurately. I had been up most of Saturday night unable to sleep because of lower back pain…I didn’t want to disturb anyone in the middle of the night so I just hoped it would go away or I’d fall asleep. Well, neither happened, I only got worse. So to the ER I went. And they diagnosed me with a Kidney infection and possible other kidney complications which I need to have an ultrasound for soon.

Four days later and my back still hurts unless I have meds in me. thank God for Advil! I am also on antibiotics to kill the infection should has been clearing up. Thanks for all who prayed for me, called me, or cared for me. I am very grateful!

7AM Wakeup Call

Sunday morning, 6:55AM: The world comes from a blur as I notice a familiar Latin song being played. My cell phone is going off. I climb out of my loft, fumbling down the ladder and reach for the annoying piece of technology and it turns off. I sigh and grab the phone, searching frantically for the missed calls menu with which I am still unfamiliar. RIIING! My room phone begins going off I pick it up and my voice still scratchy I mumble “Hello?” “Josh, its Crystal.” Her voice is very feeble. “I’m calling to let you know that I’m going to the emergency room.”

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Josh with a cell phone?

Crystal and I decided to go in our our first big purchase together on Saturday and signed a two-year contract with Verizon Wireless. We got a family plan and share it with Crystal’s parents. We got all of the phones for free except for mine, only had to pay one activation fee and a GE employee discount of 20%. Not a bad deal.

Any of you who know me well should be shocked by the previous statement because I have been vehemently opposed to the thought of owning a cell phone for a long time. Especially since I have a significant other and the whole “he’s on a leash” thing (even though Crystal claims she would never use it for such purposes) that I don’t like. I have several reasons for coming around. Firstly, it is a large inconvenience to try to combine schedules with my fiancée without a cell phone. Secondly, my busy schedule demands for it as it is saves more time than it consumes. Lastly, Crystal allowed me to have a Motorola RAZR V3c which comes with a whole host of fancy techno-geek features. Are those reasons good enough to actually use a cell-phone? The 2-year contract with Verizon Wireless says they are.

Use-Case Diagrams Are Hot

Last night I had my weekly Senior Design Project Management I class and the primary topic of the evening was UML Use-Case Diagrams. A Use-Case Diagram is essentially a flow chart of what actions a user can perform and the systems subsequent actions. Anyway, I was working on the Use-Case Diagram during class and at the end he had us get into groups (with different members than our project’s team) and create a diagram for someone’s project. So by the end of the night I had created two diagrams and let me tell you: I was psyched! I was ready to go code the first release of our Senior Design Project. I asked the guys in my class if that was too nerdy, their response? “We’re excited too!” Of course a few of the anti-programming IT people said that it was really nerdy, which means that my teamates are a couple of big nerds.

Wedding and Life Updates

It’s weird to write here and not LJ…but I’m getting used to it. A lot has happened this past week, which went by so fast! It was an expensive week for me as my car broke down, rent was due, I bought my wedding dress, car pmt is coming due, and my cats got fixed and declawed. So thankfully I start work again on Wednesday and will get used to regular income again…it’s been almost 6 months!

We picked our reception site! and we both think it is beautiful! We took my mom by on Sunday after church and she liked it. And it’s a great blessing that Josh’s parents are paying for the deposit so we could secure it so soon! Most of their dates are booked and our room could have gone fast. The next big to-dos are photographer, florist, bridesmaid dreses, and cake to be researched and narrowed down/selected by the end of this quarter (Mar 20).

I love my fiancé

Oh how I love Joshua Paul Maag…but I’ll spare everyone the details, all you need to know is he’s fabulous:-)

In other news….I ordered my wedding dress today! I am going with a friend to see it Saturday and we’ll take a few pictures of the sample dress so a few privilidged people may see it!

2006…oh what a year

Well It’s officially 2006 and has been for two whole days, but the excitement is still present for me. Joshua and I celebrated New Years with the Wanats and our friends Dan and Beth…and Patrick too. We rang in the new year with champagne, chocolate and lots of food from Mrs. Wanat. Around 1AM we switched to swim suits and got in the hot tub for 3 hours…Dan and Beth left after awhile and the three of us talked until the chlorine was just too much. It was fun.

I’m really excited for the upcoming year and all of the changes. Besides Graduations and marriages, I’m excited to allow God to change me. Last year I felt more controlling of my future and didn’t want to turn my life over to God. Amazingly enough I’m not worried about anything…I know I’ll get a job, I know I’ll get married and concentrate on my marriage not just the big day, and I know that Joshua and I will close one chapter of our lives and start a new one together…hopefully we’ll find a way for God to use us in ministry together this year.

Oh…also, last week we met with my Minister and made it official that we are getting married at LifeSpring Christian Church on Galbraith Road:-)