2006…oh what a year

Well It’s officially 2006 and has been for two whole days, but the excitement is still present for me. Joshua and I celebrated New Years with the Wanats and our friends Dan and Beth…and Patrick too. We rang in the new year with champagne, chocolate and lots of food from Mrs. Wanat. Around 1AM we switched to swim suits and got in the hot tub for 3 hours…Dan and Beth left after awhile and the three of us talked until the chlorine was just too much. It was fun.

I’m really excited for the upcoming year and all of the changes. Besides Graduations and marriages, I’m excited to allow God to change me. Last year I felt more controlling of my future and didn’t want to turn my life over to God. Amazingly enough I’m not worried about anything…I know I’ll get a job, I know I’ll get married and concentrate on my marriage not just the big day, and I know that Joshua and I will close one chapter of our lives and start a new one together…hopefully we’ll find a way for God to use us in ministry together this year.

Oh…also, last week we met with my Minister and made it official that we are getting married at LifeSpring Christian Church on Galbraith Road:-)

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