Use-Case Diagrams Are Hot

Last night I had my weekly Senior Design Project Management I class and the primary topic of the evening was UML Use-Case Diagrams. A Use-Case Diagram is essentially a flow chart of what actions a user can perform and the systems subsequent actions. Anyway, I was working on the Use-Case Diagram during class and at the end he had us get into groups (with different members than our project’s team) and create a diagram for someone’s project. So by the end of the night I had created two diagrams and let me tell you: I was psyched! I was ready to go code the first release of our Senior Design Project. I asked the guys in my class if that was too nerdy, their response? “We’re excited too!” Of course a few of the anti-programming IT people said that it was really nerdy, which means that my teamates are a couple of big nerds.

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