Wedding and Life Updates

It’s weird to write here and not LJ…but I’m getting used to it. A lot has happened this past week, which went by so fast! It was an expensive week for me as my car broke down, rent was due, I bought my wedding dress, car pmt is coming due, and my cats got fixed and declawed. So thankfully I start work again on Wednesday and will get used to regular income again…it’s been almost 6 months!

We picked our reception site! and we both think it is beautiful! We took my mom by on Sunday after church and she liked it. And it’s a great blessing that Josh’s parents are paying for the deposit so we could secure it so soon! Most of their dates are booked and our room could have gone fast. The next big to-dos are photographer, florist, bridesmaid dreses, and cake to be researched and narrowed down/selected by the end of this quarter (Mar 20).

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