A Real Job?

It’s official! I received a job offer Thursday morning from Kao Brands, Inc. They make John Freida, Jergens, Ban, Curel, Biore and other personal care products. I read the job description a few months ago from the UC Career Development Center and I developed a little faith in them…most of the jobs were not for me/internships or useless info.

I received the offer letter and benefits package (which is awesome!) and reviewed the info with my parents and Josh. I prayed all week that God would close the door if he didn’t want me to work for KAO, so I was prepared to not get the job even though I wanted it a lot. It’s the best job I’d interviewed for so far! After more prayer, and prayer from friends I accepted the offer on Friday.

Now it’s official, as of April 5th, I will be working at KAO (part time til June) as a CSR….Customer Service Rep which I prefer to call acount manager because I’ll manage pharmacy/grocery store accounts for filling their orders, analyzing trend data, and working with the capacity planners to ensure everything runs smoothly. So yay for a job in Supply Chain Management which I wanted!