Birthday and Such

This week I started my new job! So far so good, I’m in a lot of training right now working 30 hours a week and trying to finish up school, things are quite busy.

Today I turned 22! It seems like not long ago at all I was turning 19 with a bunch of friends in college at Sorrentos. Last night, many of those same friends came to Buca DiBeppo’s to celebrate my birthday with my big sis in ADX Mel, who was 24 this year. Josh even made me a carrot cake, which is my new favorite dessert! After dinner, we went to see Failure to Launch which was a decent movie.

We celebrated with my family today, after Josh made me another dessert…a double chocolate brownie with chocolate covered strawberries on top, it was yummy! We then baked cookies for our marriage class and got ready to celebrate with my parents. My parents, brother, Josh and I went to Macaroni grill for dinner, and then had presents and a fabulous¬†raspberry cake made by my dad. We ended it with sharing memories of the past and busting out my hope chest which I realized I will probably not use 90% of the things in there like mini plastic fruit, and super cheap salt & pepper shakers, but I was 12 and bought stuff at a dollar store. It’s cute.

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