Bunch of stuff!

Wow, Seems like time is just flying by! I’ve gotten lots done these past few months. Things are really coming together for the apartment and the wedding! I’m so excited. :-) Josh is working a lot on school though so he’s constantly busy, but we still manage quite a bit of time together. This past weekend we celebrated our 3 year anniversary of him asking me out…really amazing to see what can happen in three years. I took over this anniversary, and after Josh dropped me off sat night around 12:30 or so I headed out to Meijer (Thank you to whoever invented 24-hour stores) and bought some decorative things, and a microwave gift for Josh. Then went back to the apt and set up the table with a blue and white theme..Patrick came in the next day and cooked us a 6 course meal! We had an awesome looking shrimp Martini, bread with oil dipping stuff, smoothies, Pot-sticker dumplings, French Onion soup, steak and redskin potatoes, sparkling grape juice, and Oreo cheesecake to top it all off! Not too bad at all! Then we “cleaned-up” and eventually came back to my place and spent the rest of the evening together:-) We had a good time…

Other big news…the invitations are starting to come out! Don’t worry if you haven’t’ seen yours yet, they will be sent out periodically between now and the end of June!

Still more big news…Crystal Graduates with a Bachelor’s degree on June 10th! How cool, yo!