Wow, it’s already after July 4th….time just keeps on moving. I can’t believe the wedding is less than 2 months away! I’ve moved home with my parents for the summer but spend almost every evening at our apartment getting things ready/working on wedding details. It’s overwhelming to think of everything we’ve done already and yet still face a mountain of things to do. But surely enough things will be done in time for Sept. 2nd

I officially graduated on June 10th…and have been working full time now at Kao Brands. It’s a refreshing group of people and I enjoy what I do. I interact with a lot of people in my position which keeps things interesting. Also, we just hired 2 new people so my seniority keeps going up even though I’ve only been there for three months!

Unfortunately there’s not much more to say, time just keeps going by. Josh’s bachelor party (part 1) is this weekend…hopefully he’ll have a good time! I know my bachelorette party will be lots of fun since Megs is throwing it!