Well I’m trying to blog more…

I’m trying to remember to write on here more-mostly for myself but for anyone else as well who might still visit here. It’s almost the end of January which is wonderful because I’m tired of freezing every morning on my way to work. I’m tired of the dark days and very little chance to see the sun. Even having a window at work only helps so much…

Work has been going ok- I enjoy the fact that I still have a lot to learn and learn frequently. I hate having to make decisions on the spot but sometimes it usually works out OK. I am trying to work from 7:40-5 everyday instead of 7:30-6ish. Don’t know how feasible it will be to make this a consistent schedule but I’m trying. Also, I try to leave no later than 4:30 on Fridays but that doesn’t always happen. Stuff just keeps popping up that needs to get done. I am considering going to grad school in August-that will be a big commitment. Especially if other large life commitments come up as well. But for now, that’s my goal to shoot for.

Other big life changes-I will be volunteering with the girl scouts soon. I waste a lot of time doing nothing or watching TV, and I used to volunteer regularly. So, I’m trying to get back into that and girl scouts is the direction my heart was led. Josh and I are also gettin involved with a 6 week small group through Eastside Christian Church. I hope this is a positive change for us and will help us get connected. We haven’t decided this is where we’re going to stay but this will help us. Ironically, our neighbor’s who we’ve never really met (and still haven’t) went there this AM. We followed them most of the way there…how ironic.

Not much else to report, this was a laid back weekend. We went to Smokey Bones for dinner Friday, to my parents on Sat to drop of Christmas things and stopped at Old Navy, then came home and had Patrick over. Today, I went to church, did a little laundry, slept and ordered some pictures. I’d like to start scrapbooking…that would be fun.

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