Biggest Loser

So I’ve been in a biggest loser contest since February and was actually in the lead for a few weeks…but not the last few. Ever since vacation I can’t seem to budge much on the scale. My clothes are fitting better but my weight isn’t going down. Maybe I’m building too much leg muscle? Oh well, I plan to work out again on the elliptical during Survivor- at least 45 minutes and 600 calories to burn.

Last night we had David, Lydia, Bryan and Kendra over for dinner. Josh grilled out BBQ chicken, cut up a pineapple and I made broccoli, baked beans, cheese bread and key lime pie. Most was actually store bought but that is ok, I thought it was good for the most part. We didn’t do anything but talk, which was fine as that’s how you get to know people better. The night before that was the Pregnancy Care Banquet- much better than last year and I won a Macy’s basket at the Silent Auction! Mom went with me which was nice, I think she had a good time too.

Not much else to report on- need more motivation for work!

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