Happy Easter!

What a beautiful morning! This weekend has a been a bit rough but all in all enjoyable. On Saturday night I went to a Bunco fundraiser with Megan for Relay for Life. It was a fun game, very “west side” atmosphere but fun. The Easter Bunny came early last night as Josh and I were talking and I noticed a Reese’s egg in my magazine bin. He had a funny look on his face and then told me there were others. I went on an Easter Egg hunt around the house and found 9 total Reese’s Eggs- my favorite! I happened to get a glimpse of my Easter basket too but retreated upstairs instead of opening it. I quickly set-up Josh’s basket without him knowing and we let the Easter bunny come at 1 AM since it was now officially Easter. He got me hair bands, 12 pairs of socks!, lots of bath salts, m&ms, only a little bit of candy, and bubble bath. It was perfect, all of my favorite little things. I got him slim jims, monster energy drinks, a book he wanted, snickers eggs, some jelly beans, and peeps. It was a fun exchange.

We got ready for church for the 10:00 service but didn’t make it out the door on-time. We are now getting ready to go to the 11:30 service which hopefully is less crowded. We’ll see.

We were going to head to Lima today but between my finger and his head cold, 4 hours driving wouldn’t be pleasant. We will spend Easter at home together instead.

Happy Easter everyone!

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