Spring Time!

The nice weather has finally settled in here in Cincy, or so I think. Josh and I had an ok week- Rod came over for dinner on Wed since Amy was in PA, Thurs was small group with D&B and D&L and Friday I got see friends from High School. Holly, Jenny and I met at TGI Fridays and caught up on life. We all three are in different places yet it was pretty easy to pick up conversation which is always nice with people you haven’t seen in awhile. I met Kyler- cutest little boy I have ever seen! He didn’t like his high chair but if I was him I don’t think I would either;-)

Saturday I rode another 20 miles with Dr Wanat and a group of 11 people total I think. It was windy but a little easier than last week so I hope it keeps getting easier and easier. For lunch Josh and I ate Chipotle and then rescued Mom whose car must have over/heated. We got the car going and took her home. Shortly after I left for Kings Isalnd where I met David and Lydia and two of her other friends. I rode the new Diamondback coaster- very fun! I decided I like the steel much better than wood for coasters. Josh was gone at a work Wii party so dinner was on my own. When he got home we went over to David’s and watched Chaingling with Dan and Beth, and a few other of David’s friends. We didn’t leave until almost 2! oh what a long day Saturday was.

Sunday was nice too- we didn’t get up for church unfortunately. But Josh went to Best Buy and got a good deal on some PS3 games. I went to WM and bought protein bars and a few other things I needed for my workouts. We did lot of yard work today- I used weed be gone on the whole yard and Josh and I tilled a few patches of dirt to plant new grass seed. We are having smoothies for dinner…nothing else sounds good.

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