Dad’s Birthday weekend

Dad's birthdayThis weekend started with very few plans and quickly filled up! On Friday Josh and I met at TGI Fridays for dinner to take advantage of their $5 promo. After that Megan came over and we played Settlers and talked until 12:45 or so…we were both falling asleep by that point so she headed home. On Saturday I didn’t bike, I thought the weather would be bad and was way too tired so I slept in. I did go for a shorter ride (only 5 miles) with Megan- The bike was so different I was pooped after only 5 miles! Megan did a great job though and would have gone longer but I had to get home to Josh- good job to her! Josh and I ate lunch and then went to pick up dad’s birthday cake. His M&M cake turned out well.
Saturday night we went to the Omnimax with Beth to watch a movie on Circe de Solei- it was interesting, Josh thought it would be worse and I thought it would be better. We then went to WM to look at patio furniture, we’ve been all over the place and can’t find one we really like. We may settle for a red set there, but are still deciding.

On Sunday we had dad’s birthday party at our house- grilled out BBQ chicken, baked potatoes, dad made a rice salad dish and cole slaw and mom made her fruit salad. We also had nut mix and a veggie tray so there was plenty of food! The M&M cake and ice cream were for dessert.

I worked out again tonight during the Amazing Race- hoping for a good biggest loser weigh in tomorrow!

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