Wow- What a week!

So…we have some very exciting news to share with the world! Josh and I found out last Saturday (may 30) that we are expecting our first child. I went to the DR on June 1 and they expect my due date to be Jan 10th. We were very surprised but also very excited! When I told Josh about my positive test, I burst into tears. Not tears of joy or anger, but overwhelming tears. We told my parents Monday night over dinner and his parents on Thursday with our webcams. Everyone is very excited and we are thankful for their support and prayers for a healthy baby. We started telling friends this weekend, first Dan and Beth, then Mike and Liz and on Sunday we had a cookout with Nate and Megan and Rod and Amy and broke the news to them. Very exciting!

Health wise I am doing ok…felt very tired and queezy for about 3 weeks now. I think Maifest started it all (May 16?). I’ve only thrown up once which is great for being 9 weeks pregnant, but sadly it was my favorite food that caused it:-( Overall no cravings, food mostly is a turnoff right now but I am trying to be very healthy and take my nasty pre-natal vitamins. Baby panda needs it to grow strong!

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