14 weeks!

So I am definitely due for an update. Today marks the 14 week mark- hard to believe we’ve known we were pregnant for almost 8 weeks. I officially made it through my first tri-mester and am feeling slightly better. I did get really sick last night and have still felt tired so I can’t say I am all the way into the “honeymoon” phase. So far all DR visits have been normal and tests have come back negative (which is good). I did order lil panda’s crib bedding. The nursery will be panda themed with the main colors being dark brown and green.

Josh and I are going camping this weekend with Beth at Red River Gorge. I’ve never been there before but expect it to be a good time. I have been having back pain lately and really home it’s nothing serious and doesn’t prevent me from doing much while camping. Next Thursday we leave for Florida and then Mexico- I can’t wait! Josh and I really need a trip together to get away and just relax.

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