22 weeks and growing

This week I hit 22 weeks! This means that next week will mark the halfway point for Josh and I going through this Pregnancy. We found out at 6 weeks, so 34 weeks of knowing= a halfway point of 23 weeks. We started a registry at Target and will open one at Babies R Us soon too. It was quite an overwhelming process though so I’ll make sure I have starbucks in hand for round 2 (decaf though).

I am having 4AM insomnia lately- it’s 5AM right now and I’ve been up for about an hour doing nothing important. Josh is even sleeping downstairs tonight. Poor guy fell asleep on the couch and I didn’t want to wake him to come up stairs with his sprained ankle. At least the ankle is showing signs of improvement. I wish my cold would show signs of improvement, been congested for 2 days, going on 3 for Saturday. Not the way I wanted to spend my weekend but as long as it doesn’t get worse and Mikey continues to be healthy, I’ll be ok. Mikey is the baby’s nickname (better than Thor, right??) Ha- I can’t wait to name the little guy soon and I can’t wait for his arrival. Still praying for that warm January day!

Almost 21 weeks

Whew what an eventful weekend. Josh and I started our first baby registry at Target. It’s very overwhelming how much there is to choose from and how much you need/think you might need! It was fun though, at least for me. Josh got though it ok but shopping is never his thing. After registering we went to my parent’s house to celebrate Josie, Clint and mom’s birthdays. I was exhausted and not feeling very well most of the time so I probably left earlier than I normally would have. We got mom a rocker (from all of us) which she is really excited about- she can’t wait to rock our baby boy! I can’t wait to rock that baby boy either…19 more weeks or so and he’ll be here:-)

Work was ok today- managed to come home and make chicken tacos and salads for dinner and made 2 additional salads for our lunches tomorrow. Laundry is going too- hopefully these little spurts of energy make up for the spurts of lacking energy!


Hello- I reached 20.5 weeks this weekend and couldn’t be happier. On Friday, Josh and I had our second ultrasound and this was the big one. At first the baby was not cooperating and I was nervous we weren’t going to find out what he/she was. Even if that were the case, it was still an amazing feeling to see our little one again. He has grown so much since we saw him last 12 weeks ago! When she first pulled up the sonogram he was waving at us…we saw his heart beating, blood flow in his cord, all brain lobes, hands feet, face, spine, ribs, and finally he flashed the camera long enough to prove he is definitely a HE! We were overjoyed to find out our firstborn baby is going to be a son. We got quite a few pictures to be posted at some point but seeing him on the screen makes it harder to wait to see him in person!

After our DR. appts, we went to dinner at an Indian restaurant. We started talking about baby names and have a few front runners but nothing fantastic. Maag is not the easiest last name to match to! Oh well, we have time and will figure it out soon enough. I did tell Josh at the restaurant that I am the happiest I’ve ever been in my life- and truly mean it. We celebrated 3 years of marriage this week (at the Melting Pot) and found out our baby boy is as healthy as can be. Nothing in life can be better than that.

On Saturday, we went to Mike and Liz’s house for Josh to play a game with them. I went shopping for more maternity clothes and bought the paint for the nursery. I can’t wait for it to be painted and put together soon!

As far as my health goes, this is the third night in a row that I haven’t been able to sleep:-( My back is still bothering me quite a bit so prayers for healing, pain relief and more sleep would be appreciated. But, my biggest prayer of all is that the pain goes away after my son is born- I can’t imagine it not and me not being able to do all of the things that I want to do with him.