Almost 21 weeks

Whew what an eventful weekend. Josh and I started our first baby registry at Target. It’s very overwhelming how much there is to choose from and how much you need/think you might need! It was fun though, at least for me. Josh got though it ok but shopping is never his thing. After registering we went to my parent’s house to celebrate Josie, Clint and mom’s birthdays. I was exhausted and not feeling very well most of the time so I probably left earlier than I normally would have. We got mom a rocker (from all of us) which she is really excited about- she can’t wait to rock our baby boy! I can’t wait to rock that baby boy either…19 more weeks or so and he’ll be here:-)

Work was ok today- managed to come home and make chicken tacos and salads for dinner and made 2 additional salads for our lunches tomorrow. Laundry is going too- hopefully these little spurts of energy make up for the spurts of lacking energy!

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