Less than 100 days to go!

Well, this week at work was extremely stressful though I didn’t actually feel that stressed I was in several high-stress situations. I am glad it’s the weekend and I can relax!

Yesterday I had an appt with the pain mgmt dr- she still thinks it’s ligament pain and will go away. Josh and I decided I have to stay off my feet as much as possible now so everything I do is limited. Unfortunately, that’s all that will help my back. I did not want any of the medicine they offered me…they didn’t know the side effects in pregnant women and I would feel awful if something happened even if I would never know that the drug caused the problems. After work we met David, Lydia and their friend Jerry to go to Chipotle and see Where the Wild Things Are. It was an ok movie, little one liked it at first then took a nap- he is like his mommy, sleeping through movies already:-) Ha…

Josh tried to go get me donuts last night at 11:30 because they sounded really yummy, DD had a total of 2 donuts available so that was a bust. But at least he tried to go out for me- I wish every woman, especially every pregnant woman had someone taking care of them like I do. I do not know why God has blessed me so much.

Speaking of blessings, yesterday Josh’s tire got bent in on the Stratus. No idea how it happened but thankfully it happened in his garage at work and not when he was on the highway. What if he would have lost a tire? Oh my, I am just thankful he is ok and that we have an extra car so we aren’t stressed with how one of us will get to work each day. Thank you Lord…seriously

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