30 weeks tomorrow!

I am so excited to be at 30 weeks tomorrow! That means only 10 more weeks or so until Jonathan is here! Things are coming along, the nursery is mostly complete, childbirth class is done, breast feeding class is done, now we just need a few more essentials (diapers!!) and we’ll be ready for him.

I’ve been feeling a bit better lately, though still having pain in my back and abdomen. Overall though, I am healthy, am happy with how I’ve controlled my weight, and thankful he is still showing signs of healthy growth. My first shower is this Sunday which is exciting, I’m excited both for the shower and to see all of my girlfriends in one place. We had a party on 10/30 where I saw a lot of people but didn’t get to spend much quality time with my friends.

Work is still stressful but I have a replacement now (yippee) so hopefully I will be delegating a bit more and have an end in sight!

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