36 weeks at Christmas!

Whoa- Been too long since I wrote on here which is unfortunate. A lot has happened in these past 6 weeks, we had Thanksgiving in Lima with Josh’s extended family and the next day with my family in Cincy. The Lima Thanksgiving was nice, it’s always nice to see more family. They threw us a mini “shower” of gifts so JT got lots of new clothes and a really nice soft blanket. They also made really cute (and yummy) sugar cookies shaped and decorated like teddy bears and baby carriages. Unfortunately, at my family’s Thanksgiving I wasn’t feeling so well. It was on Black Friday and Josh went out shopping with friends, I planned to go out with a friend later but got sick that morning after eating McDonalds. I learned JT doesn’t like McDonalds either so he probably won’t be eating too many Happy Meals there. I felt better enough to go to Mom and Dad’s but wasn’t in the best mood. Josh used his early Christmas gift of a video camera to capture some of the highlights.

December has been all about Christmas and trying to wrap things up for JT. His nursery was completed on Dec 19th and it’s all ready for him to come NOW! ha, I think he’s trying to hang on longer, at my DR appt this week they said I wasn’t dilated at all so he’s probably going to be a 2010 baby. I am really glad he wasn’t a Christmas baby, I guess he did follow those instructions (do not be born on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day). He got a bank from grandma and grandpa Mahany, I will have to set it out in his room soon. Josh and I had a good Christmas together, we video taped ourselves opening our presents so we have that memory. We also played quite a few card games together recently because he gave me games as gifts and a book on card games. Very fun. I hope we find the time to still play games together after JT gets here.

Things are going well with JT, every test and dr appt. is pretty easy and things are coming out very normal. I am 36 weeks and 2 days as I write this, in 5 days he will be a full term baby!! Which means he can come anytime and mommy really wants him to hurry up and come. Earlier this week I held Ellie and it made me want him to be here soooo badly. I know it’s better for him to wait a little longer and keep growing and that means more of my maternity leave is in Spring vs. Winter, but I am still starting to get impatient about holding my baby boy! Grandma and Grandpa Maag want him to stay in even longer so he’s younger when they come up to see him:-) Though, I do not plan on letting him stay inside until February, that is just too long!

He likes to push his little rear end out on my belly, it’s a very funny feeling. Also, at times Josh and I can feel an arm or foot and physically make it move by pushing on it. It’s an amazing and slightly creepy feeling all in one. Aunt Casey got to feel him moving yesterday too which was good, only took 9 months for him to cooperate with her around.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to anyone who may keep up with this!

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