Today is D day

Well, today is officially my due date. It’s 4:30 in the AM and I am wide awake but feel really tired…weird. Anyway, I am still working and ok working. I actually felt really good at work yesterday and had a decent amount of energy. Maybe it was my half-caf starbucks that helped get me through the day.

I was having contractions and will now say I had false labor last Thursday, as a result every day has felt like it might be “the day”. But, JT has decided to hold out on me, which is originally what I wanted all along because now I will likely definitely return to work mid-April instead of the first week of April. I really wanted to avoid working on my birthday because I think it should be a company given holiday for everyone. Well, everyone’s individual birthday should be a holiday for them.

The nursery is completely ready, our bags are packed, car seat is installed…just need the baby. I even got the outfit Josh wore home from the hospital to take with us. I am going to put the sweater over JT because I expect it to be cold and he will likely need it. Though if he comes Saturday it’s supposed to be 50, maybe the sweater will actually be too warm? Maybe that’s why he didn’t come yet, he’s waiting for 50 degrees. Smart kid.

ooo…contraction coming right now. Too bad it doesn’t feel too intense, but stomach goes mis-shapen for almost every contraction which is pretty funny, and at times a but painful. The other day I thought JT was trying to claw his way out of my tummy though the middle because he was kicking so hard and it really stretched me. It has made my tummy sore these past 2 weeks or so as he’s getting really big inside.

Ok, enough rambling. Hopefully my next update will be about the beautiful baby boy that I brought home!!!

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