Fun and Trying Times

We had our pictures done on Sunday, we are never going to Sears again! They were late and didn’t have time to sit with us to view our photos. We bought copyright to the photos and some prints which I still need to pick out. Josh started getting really sick at the end so we needed to leave. That started it all, Josh was sick for a good two days and J.T. decided 1AM-4AM was his favorite time to be awake. Right now is Wednesday (Happy second week birthday, baby boy!) and I’ve gone three straight nights with J.T. by myself and most of the day by myself. Mom was here on Monday so I coud run down to the neighbors for a bit so I did get some relief. Megan and Nate also brought us dinner Monday night and Megan held him quite awhile, again more relief! I am blessed to have such good friends. Cheryl also made us some homemade Chicken noodle soup which Coleman brought all the way up to us. That was so nice of them especially having their own new baby to care for.

I mailed the announcements today, well, most of them. Looking forward to the welcome party for Jonathan!

I am amazed at the resilience of my body. Two weeks postpartum and I was out shoveling snow. I’ve actually been feeling great for several days now, not much going on with my stitches and all and I am able to lay on my stomach, pull my legs up, sit cross-legged, and do so many things that I couldn’t while pregnant. It’s amazing how much function and mobility you lose in nine months but because you lose it slowly it’s not a drastic difference. My body is still in recovery, I am just amazed at how quickly I have returned to “normal”. A small part of me does miss being pregnant though and feeling that life inside of me. I think that will always be the case as there is nothing like carrying a child for nine months and the closeness that is experienced during that special time. It is definitely something that I want to do again.

I have been losing weight petty rapidly, part of that is the baby and part could be not eating much. I have little appetite so I have to remind myself to eat a lot. I hear this is normal and my appetite should return eventually. I weighed myself the day after returning from the hospital and if I only gained 30lbs, which is the ballpark that I gained, then I was only down 4 lbs! How is that possible with a 9lb baby?!? I didn’t weight myself again until he was 1 week old and by then I was down 19lbs or so, which is 11lbs away from pre-pregnancy weight! Today, being 2 weeks old I weighed myself again and am down to just needed to lose 4 more lbs. I am not stressing about this or even trying to lose weight, after all just because I get back down to that weight does not mean I am the same size. I certainly have some toning of my stomach to do!

Tomorrow, I take J.T. to the doctor to have his eyes looked at and hopefully his little tear ducts are unblocked. Today we gave him his first big boy bath because his cord fell off over the weekend. He was not a fan. But his eyes didn’t gunk after the bath so that is a great sign.

We started PDF tonight, hopefully that leads to routine and sleeping through the night by 5-6 weeks or so though 7-9 is typical.

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  1. Seems like you’re thoroughly enjoying motherhood. Babies are such a blessing. Enjoy every moment. They grow up so fast! Also wondering what is PDF? None of my boys ever slept through the night until around a year. I’ve had to learn to feel rested on 4 hour chunks at a time.

    • PDF stands for Parent Directed Feeding. The most common feeding method is demand feeding where any time the child makes a hunger cue or cries, you feed him. PDF is based on a schedule, but it’s flexible too so if we think the child is hungry we can go ahead and do a feeding. So it’s kind of a middle ground between not being a slave to the clock and not just feeding at every sign of discomfort for the child.

      The reason we are following PDF is that it is supposed to make the child sleep through the night at a much earlier time than demand feeding, but we don’t have to force the child to go hungry by just going according to a set schedule.

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