Jonathan Is Ten Days Old

Wow! Ten days old already? My baby boy seems to be getting old fast, even though he is till so young at ten days. We’ve had a good few days but not so great nights. On Wednesday, Josh went back to work and I thought it would be extremely hard for me but it wasn’t. Jonathan was easy to take care of by myself and the day went by quickly enough that I didn’t miss Josh too much. I was also excited that I had lost 19 lbs of the 30 or so I’d gained…only 11 lbs left to get to pre-pregnancy weight!

Our friends Jen and Jordan brought us dinner on Wednesday night and we had some delicious enchiladas. Thursday morning I wasn’t feeling so great, I had a stomach ache and hot/cold spells. Luckily my mom came over to help me out so I could get a bit of a break. I felt sick well into Friday afternoon before I finally felt well again. Thursday, my dad brought chicken noodle soup for dinner which was perfect for me not feeling so great! Thursday night was a rough night, I couldn’t get J.T. to settle back to sleep on my own so I had to wake up Josh for help. I was so tired I was afraid I might drop him and kept dosing and seeing myself drop him. We did manage to hit a new milestone though on Thursday, it marked the first day that Jonathan could stay in the same outfit for 24 hours. Either he’s getting more regulated or we’re getting better at putting on the diapers! Either way, it’s been nice to be more accident free.

Fortunately Josh was able to work from home on Friday, not that he could help with J.T. but it was nice to be able to see him during the day. I was spoiled by having him with me almost non-stop for an entire week! Mom and Dad also brought us Panera bagels for breakfast which was very thoughtful and helpful since I tend not to eat breakfast anymore. Not by choice, just by focusing so much on Jonathan.

Friday night Dan and Beth brought us LaRosa’s which was great. It was nice to eat dinner with them and see friends since we haven’t gone out at all since he’s been born. Josh and I also spent time together Friday night while J.T. was sleeping which was wonderful. We knew the night would probably be similar to the night before so we were gearing up for another night of difficulty with Jonathan. He has his days and nights flipped as he is alert during the night and extremely drowsy during the day.We did give him another bath and I put lotion all over him which he seemed to tolerate. I can’t wait to give him a real bath soon, we just need his cord to fall off.

Saturday, my brother, Becky and Josie came over. Josie was instantly taken by the baby but lost interest rather quickly. Clint helped Josh with the board under our sink and then held J.T. for a bit. It was sweet to see Josie holding J.T. and I’m sure J.T. liked meeting his cousin and uncle! Josh and I managed to watch another episode of LOST tonight together and again were able to spend time together while Jonathan was down for one of his naps. That little bit of cuddle time goes a long way these days! Saturday was also a big day for Jonathan as he moved on from newborn diapers to size 1.

Tomorrow we go for family photos at Sears, hopefully they will turn out well considering I have no idea what I am going to wear. We also need to buy him a new outfit tomorrow so he has something super cute to wear.

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