Play Date

Today, I went to Kendra’s house and met her and Cheryl there for lunch and our kid’s first “play date.” Of course at this point it was really more of a mommy play date but the kids seemed to enjoy themselves too. Kendra made us lunch and we hung out for four hours comparing mommy stories and enjoying our kids. It’s amazing that right around a year ago Kendra was telling us she was pregnant and a year later we are both sitting together with kiddos. How much can change in a year.

Jonathan is four weeks old today and I still find myself wanting to go back and re-live his birth and our time with Josh. It was such a great week that I don’t want to let it go. Eventually though, that too will pass and I’ll be able to look towards the future instead of the past but I haven’t gotten that far yet.

J.T. is really changing, he just grabbed Josh’s glasses and he discovered my hair a few days ago. I get lots of hair tugs now so ponytails are the only way to wear my hair it seems. He’s also holding his head up a lot more and being more alert. He still loves 11PM-2AM as his favorite time to be awake. Last night though he fell asleep around 1 (yay!) and slept til 4 and went right back to sleep after his 4AM feeding. I am still looking forward to him sleeping through the night eventually. I know it will come in time but for now I am grateful that he goes right back to sleep after the 4AM feeding instead of being up and fussy.

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