Week With the In-Laws

We had such a great week! Josh’s mom flew in Friday night (the 12th) but unfortunately her flight was very delayed and didn’t get in until about 3AM. Josh picked her up in Dayton and they were at our house by 4:30AM. She got to hold Jonathan that night because he was due for a feeding shortly anyway. I’m glad she did because she was headed to Findlay the next morning and I knew she’d want to see him before she went! She returned Sunday afternoon to babysit for him while we went out to dinner and coffee. We went to Carlos and Johnny’s and had a wonderful meal. We had a crab cake appetizer, salad, mac and cheese, I had a fillet, and Josh had lamb chops then, we finished it with their special Valentine’s Day dessert. It was quite yummy. I wasn’t quite ready to go home yet so we went to Starbucks for coffee. I asked Josh not to go anywhere that I would be upset if I wanted/needed to leave early because I wasn’t sure how ready I would be to leave Jonathan home alone for so long. But his grandma Maag took care of him and gave him his first bottle which seemed to go well. When we did get home we built a fire, had champagne and chocolate covered strawberries and spent time with J.T. and Julie before heading to bed.

Monday and Tuesday Josh worked from home due to the snow which was great because I love it when he’s home. I know he doesn’t but at least we could eat lunch together. On Tuesday, we tried to go to Hot Doggin’ It but they were closed so we went to this yummy bagel/deli sandwich place which I liked a lot. That night we taught Julie to play settler’s which was a lot of fun, but she beat us her second time playing. Good for her! We played again later in the week with Josh’s dad and she almost beat us again.

Wednesday, I got out of the house and went to Bethesda’s maternity store to get a few necessities. It was weird to be back at the hospital but not pregnant or with J.T., I was surprised at how quiet the floor was because it felt like there was more going on when I was there but then again I never stepped out into the hallways until I was leaving. I also went grocery shopping by myself and it felt wonderful. I know it’s a silly thing but it still felt great to be doing something normal and not worrying about J.T. My mom had come over to watch him.

Josh’s dad flew in on Wednesday night and arrived at our house as I was feeding him. That was finished shortly and I brought him downstairs to meet his grandpa-Grandpa could not have been more happy or proud to hold Jonathan. He was beaming ear to ear as I placed Jonathan in his arms and he fell naturally into place with him. We all sat around and talked a bit before retiring to bed.

Thursday and Friday are a bit of a blur other than Thursday night we went to Silver Spring House with both sets of Jonathan’s grandparents. J.T. slept through dinner well and only woke up at the end when we were all ready to go. It was nice to be out with both of our parents at once and it was nice that my bonus from work had just arrived so we/I was extra celebratory. Friday, Julie and I went to meet Holly (a friend of hers from Lima) at Taco Bell while she was between doctor appointments. I got to meet her sweet kids and we had a nice visit before venturing out to the grocery store to get a few things for Saturday. J.T. did really well and only woke up when we hit traffic and the car stopped moving and then some in Meijer…but he was a hungry boy. He had made it almost four hours without eating so he had every right to start fussing.

Saturday was our Welcome Jonathan party. We invited family and close friends to help us welcome J.T. into our lives. Wow, we had a great turnout! I was a bit overwhelmed by the gifts and continue to be as throughout my pregnancy people have been beyond generous to us. It is so wonderful to know how loved Jonathan is and has been even before he was here. He is set for clothes for awhile because he got lots of cute outfits. I really enjoyed seeing my cousin Patrice’s daughter Laurelei, she is 14 months old and walking around. Such a cute little girl! It was also a good time to catch up with Kevin and Carly who we hadn’t seen much in the recent year. She is 30 weeks along with their son and it will be cool to see Oliver (their son) and .T. grow together because they are close in age. Our parents did a great job hosting the party and getting the food together, my dad’s appetizers were delicious and it all went well with the punch that Julie made and the delicious fruit. I’m glad there is lots of extra fruit, it will be good to snack on this week:-)

Sunday, we ventured up to Lima so the rest of Josh’s family could meet Jonathan. We took a 4 generation photo which I really wanted as well as other photos of Jonathan with his great-grandparents. Pretty neat to see everyone together and to introduce J.T. to his extended family. He is the first great-grandchild so everything was extra special. We stayed in Lima for about three hours during which we looked at photos, passed J.T. around and had Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken for lunch. It was a good visit, just wish it wasn’t a 2 hour drive each way though thankfully Josh’s mom drove both ways so we could nap a bit in the back! After Lima we ordered LaRosa’s for dinner and played Settlers. Then turned in for bed after a few more photos and sharing of photos. Their flight was at  7AM on Monday so they had to leave at 5AM for the airport. I was sad to see them go, I really wish we weren’t all a plane trip away. I can’t believe the week is already over, they say time goes fast but it seems a little unfair at how fast it really goes. *sigh*

The highlight of my week though was seeing Jonathan smile for the first time! Saturday night, his grandpa was playing with his face and he grinned in delight. We couldn’t get it to repeat but on Sunday night his grandma was holding him and we were playing with him a bit and he smiled several times. Josh got out the video camera but his big smiles were mostly finished at that point. Still though, seeing those smiles was AMAZING! Before that all I got were gassy smiles :-)

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