We’re home!

Jonathan and I were discharged from the hospital on Friday morning. We had a bit of a rough exit but were excited to get to go home when it wasn’t snowing. Yay for that answered prayer. Grandma and Grandpa Mahany brought us a delicious pork dinner on Friday night, we had applesauce, mashed potatoes, carrots and rolls to go with the pork. They also brought sparkling wine to celebrate. Josh was able to go to bed really early and I was able to get a shower while Mom and Dad attended to J.T., a nice little break.  I then went to bed shortly after as I didn’t know what to expect from our first night with the baby with us all night. It ended up being quite an ordeal that night, we went through one bassinet sheet and 3-4 outfits due to accidents. Josh did a great job with all the diaper changes and helping me take care of myself. Despite the chaos, I enjoyed every minute of taking care of him. I still couldn’t believe he was my son and I was his mommy.

On Saturday, he was very calm throughout the day and slept much easier than he did at night time. He was so good that Josh got to play some video games and I caught up with a few people over the phone. Around 3ish Sara, Kendra and Megan came over for a visit. They all got to hold him though he cried a bit, I was able to calm him back down for the most part. One of the best parts about being his mommy is that my voice and touch can calm him down, usually. When he’s screaming on the changing table or upset just grabbing his little hands and getting close to his face or putting him on my chest makes him better or completely calm. I didn’t expect that so it was such an amazing sensation the first time it happened at the hospital.

Kendra brought a beef stroganoff casserole which was delicious and Sara brought me some snacks which is awesome because that’s what every nursing mom needs! They all hung out for a while and we took pictures with Darren…who has grown up way too quickly. He looked very big to me for 4 months which makes me want to cherish this newborn time even more as I know my time is limited. I wish I could make time stand still and re-enjoy this week forever! Saturday night was better than Sunday though we still had a few accidents and went through more clothes, at least we weren’t as surprised this night. We also learned that 2 changing pad covers is not enough…so we added at least one more to the need to get list.

Sunday was another calm day, I actually got to take a nap which felt amazing. J.T. was very good during the day and enjoyed a visit from Aunt Casey and Tahnee. Casey got to hold him and burp him and Tahnee got to hold him for quite awhile too which was a nice little break. He also got his first bath on this day which he did not enjoy though I didn’t expect him to. We moved a space heater into the bathroom to try and make it a better environment for him so he wouldn’t be as cold. I wiped down his hair and top half and Josh took care of his legs and feet. We took some video which will be treasured. We need to keep taking video as that’s why we got the camera. We also did some still shots and after shots of him wrapped in his hooded towel less angry at us.

Monday, we had our first outing away from J.T. Grandmother Mahany came over and took some photos of us for the announcements and then we went to Target and Lowes. I about cried at Target looking at the clothes, I spent so long looking at the baby stuff and daydreaming of when he’d be here but never could have imagined things would be the way they are. I am so in love and blessed by him and yet have to way to describe it.  I am overflowing with emotion right now anyway due to hormones so it’s a lot to handle, poor Josh. I bought him a Valentine’s outfit that says momma’s Prince on it which is so adorable! We also bought a few other things off our registry since it was baby sale week so we got some of the things we needed at an even better deal. At Lowe’s we bought a new Chandelier for our dining room which is exciting as we both didn’t like the one that came with the house. I am hoping to do a few other upgrades around here soon as well. We were only gone for 2 hours, probably less but I missed my little guy. We’ve bonded so much already!

Tuesday, our last day home with daddy before he goes back to work. We had an O.K. day though. The morning was a bit rough as J.T. managed to spray poo over half of his nursery while daddy changed his diaper. He hit every cloth piece of bedding in his crib including the dust ruffle, his diaper genie, diaper stacker, the wall, the changing pad, etc. It was quite a mess but daddy cleaned it all up. We had our first doctor appointment that morning and J.T. slept the entire time we waited in the waiting room which was ridiculous because it was 50 minutes! I do not go to that office regularly as a result. He had a clean bill of health except for his clogged tear ducts. We got a prescription for that and the DR wasn’t too concerned. He just had lots of eye boogers. The doctor did remark that he had a one month old body with a newborn face…he was already back up to 9lbs 1 oz which was up from his 8lbn 12 oz weight that the home nurse weighed him at on Sunday. My little boy needs to slow it down a bit, I want him to stay tiny as long as possible if he is healthy of course. After the doctor, we went home and all ate lunch. Mommy even ate at the same time J.T. ate which was a success. J.T. slept most of the afternoon only waking up for changes and feedings but we had a few friends over that he got to meet. The Crousey’s came by for the LOST premiere which was ridiculous, but J.T. didn’t settle as quickly as usual so I spent a good hour trying to get him to finally sleep. He was also up lots through the night so maybe I was rushing him a bit on his feeding times. We managed to let Daddy sleep from at least midnight to 6Am while Mommy had total baby duty. Luckily I survived.

It took me two days to write this post and it is now 9:30AM on Josh’s first day back to work and so far I am doing O.K. Had a very emotional night last night with the thought that J.T. is already a week old and that daddy already had to go back to work. Whew, I am ready for my hormones to balance out, I cry every day multiple times a day, usually out of happiness, joy, or feeling so blessed to have J.T. be so healthy.

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