5 weeks old today:-)

So today Jonathan is 5 weeks old. I don’t know why but that sounds much older than 4 weeks. Over the weekend he turned 1 month old and he gave us a present by sleeping for 5 hours, yeah! Josh and I had gone to a cocktail party earlier that evening at the Crousey’s. It was a fun party and a good time with friends. We are very lucky to have such willing babysitters in my parents.

Today I went to MOPS at Lifespring, I didn’t know what to expect and only went because mom needed a ride. Well, it was definitely a blessing that I was there. It was so encouraging to be around Christian women again, share my thoughts with them and what I want God to do in my life. One question we were asked was “What do you want to do in this next month to improve your relationship with God?” My answer came to me right away. I wanted to pray more with my husband. I know we both pray separately but I wanted to pray together for each other and for Jonathan.

We started that tonight by working on a bedtime routine for JT. He ate, took a bath, got new PJs put on him and then we read him a story. Once the story was complete we both prayed- for him and each other. I hope it’s a routine we can stick to. He slept for 1.5 hours and is now waking…more later.

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