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Crystal and I have been carefully considering finishing our basement because it is a great basement for the purpose of finishing. This weekend we went to the Home and Garden show to get ideas about design and pricing for finishing the basement. We were given a quote range of $30k-40k for a basement of our size from a general contractor. Our budget is much lower than that though, so we are going to act as our own general contractor and try to do a lot of it DIY style. I proofed a not-exactly to scale design in Sketchup so we could get an idea. Crystal and I came up with this design together as both of us had things we wanted in a finished basement. Here is a picture of the basic layout as we are planning it now:

The part at the top or rear of the image will be our home theater and my office, next to that is the bathroom, then the laundry room or utility closet, and finally our mini kitchen.

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  1. Hey… let me know if you need any help in this. I have done about 16 remodels now and can give you some advice on how to do it. Looks good so far… remember that the important things need to be done by professionals and prep for the future.

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