A whole week of work

So this past week was my first full week back at work. I must say it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I did miss being at home with Jonathan but not as much as I think I enjoyed being back at work, talking to adults, working on problems and making a difference. I wish I had a job where I made a more important difference but this week I heard about a problem and took the initiative to investigate it further. It may ultimately not make any difference to what we were going to do but I enjoyed the work. Work would be much much better if traffic weren’t so horrific!

Some days I think about going back to school to become a labor and delivery nurse. I loved mine so much, I think it would be really fun to be a nurse helping moms deliver or a nurse taking care of newborn babies. Pretty much since the day I gave birth I’ve wanted to be pregnant again. It’s really weird because the whole time I was pregnant I just wanted to be done, or I guess I wanted to meet my baby. I look forward to being pregnant again though I know that’s months away.

Jonathan did really well with mom this week. He went to Panera with mom and dad and didn’t fuss. He held his head up during tummy time while they read him a story which was more than I had previously seen him do. On Friday this week, I did tummy time with him and he turned himself 90 degrees towards me and starting pushing himself up more. Not quite fully holding himself up but he’s getting closer. He did pick up his rattle on his own for the first time on Friday. I sat it next to him on his play gym and the next thing I know he is swinging it over his head. He likes to hold things in his left hand so I wonder if this means he’ll be a lefty?

I suppose I should do some housework now. We had friends over for a cookout on Thursday so cleanup still calls!

The Daily Grind

Well, I completed 3 days of work this week. Honestly, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I knew this is what I would always do but the anticipation of going back was hard. Once I was at work though it was like I was never gone. I really like my new position so far, I am already learning new things and really excited about this challenge. I am also happy because I feel confidence now in my abilities. I know I can do this job and I think I will do a good job:-)

Jonathan has adjusted ok too. I can tell he does miss me though and I he definitely prefers me to a bottle which is a great mommy feeling. Fortunately, work is over accommodating to nursing mothers (they are making several upgrades to the pump room and even adding another one on my floor). This will help me achieve my goal of nursing him for a year because I think I’ll be able to pump with more ease than expected. Jonathan has a pretty good routine at night now- eat when I get home from work around 5:30 then a longer wake time followed by another feeding between 7:30 and 8:30 and then he’s asleep by 9. We wake him around 11 or 11:30 though for another feeding in hopes that he will sleep all night. So far he’s gotten up at 5:30, 3:30 and 4:30. Hopefully he’ll get it soon!

Back to work :(

Well, it’s official, my maternity leave is over. While I am saddened by this I know I have the best care possibly for my Johnny. My mom is watching him and coming to my house 4 days a week. No dropping him off at a sitter/day care which I am thankful for. My mom truly is the best!

Work was ok, my new boss even greeted me with a hug. We had an all company meeting in the morning and it felt like I never left. Suddenly, my whole leave seemed a blur and it was only yesterday that Jonathan was born. But it’s really been 11 weeks and his size proves it. I am easing back into my schedule which is great and I think I’ll be able to leave most days at 4:30 to get home to Jonathan for this dinner feeding. My new boss is willing to work with me in this manner which is wonderful. I am so blessed!

Jonathan is sleeping now and Josh and I are going to spend a little time together before we wake the guy at 11 for his late night feeding. Hopefully he’ll sleep through the night after that. Last night he was up at 3:30 and I had to wake him at 6:15 today to eat.

Wide Awake

It’s 2:30 the day before I return to work and I cannot sleep. How is this time with my son over? Some days it seems like yesterday that I was awake at night, 9 months pregnant longing for him to be here and hold. Then was the hospital and all of the crazy nights where he was awake and couldn’t sleep. Wow, he’s changed so much in 11 weeks! I wish I could go back and relive this precious time with him…I’m sure every parent does.

When people say “it goes fast” you can’t really fathom how quickly it’s going until I look back and realize it’s over. I feel like I have to give him back. I know that’s not what is happening and he will be in great hands but that’s still the emotion I am stuck with.

I know choosing to work is right for us right now-what rich experiences we will have as a family as a result. I work now for the future and make this sacrifice in the present.

Going to try to sleep again. Lord, please help me to do so.

Easter and my birthday!

For Easter this year we went up to Lima, OH to see Josh’s extended family. Everyone loved seeing Jonathan and he got lots of holding time with his great Aunts. He did really well in the car too. We stopped on the way up to feed him and the car battery died. We jumped the car and were back on the road with Jonathan sleeping peacefully.

The Easter bunny visited Jonathan this year-he got an Easter book, Chocolate bunny, Crinkle Toy, some snickers (for daddy) and a little blue bunny. He also got a package in the mail from Grandma and Grandpa Maag which included a cute bunny hat and bib and a sweater that Josh wore as a baby. She also sent up a blanket that she made which is now in the bassinet part of his Pack N Play.

This week we celebrated my birthday starting on Wednesday-Mom and I went to MOPs and then shopping for some things for Jonathan. She also let me spend money at Target and bought my Chick Fil-A lunch. Jonathan gave me my first gift by sleeping from 8:30ish to 5ish-YAY! On Thursday, Josh and I went to the Cheesecake Factory while Mom watched Jonathan. We then went to my parents house and had the best cake ever (Dad’s raspberry cream cake) and I opened gifts from Josh, Jonathan, my parents and sister. Josh got me new black shoes, socks, shorts, Lilies, and two pairs of earrings, Jonathan got me a gift card to Starbucks, my parents gave me socks, scrapbooking supplies, a new purse, and gift card to Starbucks, Casey and Tahnee gave me a Lush Bath fizzee which will turn my bath gold-can’t wait to use that!

After cake and presents we hung around for a bit and then went home to put the little guy to bed.

Friday we celebrated with friends at Claddagh and had people over to our house afterwards. We played Mafia which is one of my favorite party games but we hadn’t played in awhile. We were up with the last guests until 1:30 which hadn’t happened in a long time.

Saturday Josh played games with some friends during the day so Jonathan and I went to JCPenny with my mom to get our hair cut (not Jonathan’s yet). I am not thrilled with the cut but it’s ok, some friends like it to so that was nice to hear. That night we went to a party for Jordan who shares my birthday. We played the Thing game which was fun but a little too technical at times and I didn’t have the patience to wait for some people to make their guesses! Jonathan slept in my arms most of the time but would wake up if I tried to put him down for long. We left early so Jonathan could be put to bed but he was so off routine it didn’t really matter at that point.

Sunday we went to another Birthday party-this one for Teddy Johnson who turned one. Jonathan swung on a swingset for the first time!! It was so cute, we got video and pictures to document the milestone. He fell asleep in the swing though, guess he was tired from all the partying. After the party we went home for a bit and Josh and I continued our quest to get all of the star coins in the new Mario World game. We beat the game but are now on world 3 of 8 collecting coins. I’ve been having fun doing this with him. I then got a call from Megan about dinner and Josh didn’t want to go so I went out with Megan, Nate, and Sara to the golf course by their house. Dinner was good and we did a Tequila shot for my birthday…my favorite:-) It was nice to be out with friends and not have to worry about JT because daddy was taking good care of him. We sat at the bar for awhile too and I felt like a DD because I wasn’t drinking even though they had cheap pitchers there. We walked back to their house and I had to go home so I couldn’t go in and hang out more.

Now it’s Monday and Josh is off work-we are going to the park, get the car seat installed in his car and my mom’s car, mow the grass/kill the dandelions, and get things together for me to go back to work. Hopefully we will enjoy the beautiful day and time together before I return to work on Wed…tear.

Another week gone

Wow, another week just flew by. Jonathan and I got out every day this week! Monday was Chuck E. Cheese, Tuesday was the park with mom, Wednesday I went for a walk with him and Lydia and then again the evening with Josh. Thursday was my trial day for leaving him with mom. I went to Starbucks and Physical Therapy in the morning then went shopping. I went to Babies R Us to return a few things and kill some time. Some guy asked me if I needed help 4 times so I finally told him what I was doing. I then went to Target, New York & Co and Walmart before going home. I was so excited at WM about going home to see him that I forgot to get two things while I was there. I was just ready to go home. I saw babies everywhere I went and it made me miss my little man. Everything went well though. I actually ended up leaving him again for the night to go to a jewelry party. He would have gone with me but meal times didn’t add up right.

What gorgeous weather we have!! Friday we went for a walk in the park and tried to go for one in the neighborhood but I got bit by the neighbor’s dog and returned home early. Josh took care of me and then we just stayed in the houseĀ  for the evening.

This was drafted awhile ago…time to update for Easter and my birthday week:-)