Another week gone

Wow, another week just flew by. Jonathan and I got out every day this week! Monday was Chuck E. Cheese, Tuesday was the park with mom, Wednesday I went for a walk with him and Lydia and then again the evening with Josh. Thursday was my trial day for leaving him with mom. I went to Starbucks and Physical Therapy in the morning then went shopping. I went to Babies R Us to return a few things and kill some time. Some guy asked me if I needed help 4 times so I finally told him what I was doing. I then went to Target, New York & Co and Walmart before going home. I was so excited at WM about going home to see him that I forgot to get two things while I was there. I was just ready to go home. I saw babies everywhere I went and it made me miss my little man. Everything went well though. I actually ended up leaving him again for the night to go to a jewelry party. He would have gone with me but meal times didn’t add up right.

What gorgeous weather we have!! Friday we went for a walk in the park and tried to go for one in the neighborhood but I got bit by the neighbor’s dog and returned home early. Josh took care of me and then we just stayed in the houseĀ  for the evening.

This was drafted awhile ago…time to update for Easter and my birthday week:-)

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  1. wow! I didn’t realize that you’d gotten bit recently by a dog! I thought it was when you were little! or was it both?

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