Wide Awake

It’s 2:30 the day before I return to work and I cannot sleep. How is this time with my son over? Some days it seems like yesterday that I was awake at night, 9 months pregnant longing for him to be here and hold. Then was the hospital and all of the crazy nights where he was awake and couldn’t sleep. Wow, he’s changed so much in 11 weeks! I wish I could go back and relive this precious time with him…I’m sure every parent does.

When people say “it goes fast” you can’t really fathom how quickly it’s going until I look back and realize it’s over. I feel like I have to give him back. I know that’s not what is happening and he will be in great hands but that’s still the emotion I am stuck with.

I know choosing to work is right for us right now-what rich experiences we will have as a family as a result. I work now for the future and make this sacrifice in the present.

Going to try to sleep again. Lord, please help me to do so.

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