Mothers Day and the month of May!

Wow, due for an update! First, I’ll talk about Mother’s Day even though it was two weeks ago…

I woke up with Jonathan sleeping through the night. That was definitely gift number 1. At this time he was consistently sleeping around 4 nights a week from 8:30-5 or 6. But the week with Cinco de Mayo was hard for him so this was much needed sleep for all of us. After I fed him Josh asked me if I wanted to open my gifts and I said sure. I received Reeses eggs, a digital picture frame and two cards. One was from JT and one was from Josh, very sweet.  After gifts we all hung out in our bed before getting up for the day. Eventually, we went to my mom’s house to pick her up and then Casey up to head to Lexington. My mom gave me a card and my sister gave me a beaded ring that showcased Jonathan’s birthstone, garnet. Very sweet! We then trecked to Lexington but in N.Ky searched for a Chick-Fil-A for lunch. After a 20 or so minute search we finally see it and then quickly realize it’s Sunday and they were closed! So the hunt was on, 15 mins later we finally found an Arbys. Then we were on the road again and arrived at Grandmother and Granddaddy’s house (Jonathan’s great grandparents). I think they were very happy with our visit and enjoyed it very much. I know I enjoyed sharing cake with them and letting them hold Jonathan. We didn’t stay too long but the time with them was very important to me.

More recent, the month of May is flying by. Work is going ok, very challenging for me in new ways which is good but I can feel a bit overwhelmed at times. I had my 30 day review this week though and my Manager is very pleased with my performance so I expect to do well in the job, just want to get through training. This week Julie was in-town to watch Jonathan while my parents were in Hilton Head. The first weekend she was in town we went to Honey Baked Ham and Jungle Jims on Saturday and Five Guys and the outlets on Sunday. We didn’t too much during the week other than watch DWS because it was raining and Josh and I were working. We did take off Friday but I wasn’t feeling good and it rained so we just went to Cheeseburger in Paradise. Saturday we went to Krohn Conservatory and saw the Butterfly show, I enjoyed this a lot! It was a lot of fun to have the butterflies flying all around and landing on us. Jonathan was pretty well behaved too which was good because it was sooo hot. At the end of the experience we went to Sonic for happy hour to cool off.  Saturday night we went to Silver Spring House and were served our food 2 minutes after ordering, seriously. I think having a baby helped that! Saturday night, after Jonathan went to bed we had cheese and wine time:-) We had sausage, crackers, cheese and Blueberry wine. Yumm…it was a  good time hearing about some of Julie’s first dates with Jim and stories of when Josh was little. Sunday, we met my parents at Hot Doggin It which was good. They gave me souvenoirs from their trip- a necklace, bracelet, cookie cutter and dessert napkins, and little wax candles for my bathroom. JT got a new outfit and teether and Josh got a HH skull and Wii sword attachment. We had to cut out from lunch a little early because Jonathan was very tired and needed to sleep. We picked up Julie’s luggage at home and then headed for the airport. It was time to say goodbye- and little Johnny slept through it. The best part of the visit was discovering Jonathan likes Pat-A-Cake, maybe they can play together on skype!

We then stopped at Casey’s to visit the new kitten and feed Jonathan. Of course he spit up all over me and pooped through his outfit. I guess it was appropriate since it had monkeys on it right?

Now it’s time for the LOST finale and to feed Jonathan!!

Cinco de Mayo

So just a quick update- we’ve been very busy lately and Jonathan has gone backwards on his sleep progress this week. Yesterday though, we went to the McEnaney’s to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. It was fun to see friends and other babies and it’s so nice that JT will have lots of playmates when we all get together.

Last weekend was a surprise brunch shower for Liz Bouk and her son William. He was so tiny, I loved holding him. Made JT feel so huge! Sunday was Dad’s birthday so we had a cookout at our house for the second year in a row. It was really nice because everyone was there- all 10 of us for the first time!

This weekend will be very busy but filled with fun things. Grandma and Grandpa get to meet JT for the first time so that will be fun. And it’s my first mother’s day! I love being his mommy, what a wonderful gift.