He rolled over!

This past week was a special week for me. I felt extra close to Jonathan which was an amazing feeling. Someone said you “grow another emotion” when you have a child and it’s so true. It’s hard to explain but I think most parents understand what that feeling is. There was tradgedy in the news this week- two boys, 8 and 11 fell into a creek or perhaps one fell in and the other tried to save his brother. We will never know but sadly, both were found no longer alive. The story absolutely broke my heart to think of that family mourning that loss. I love my little boy so much and dream big dreams about what his life may be like–I know boys are adventurous but man, I don’t know how I’m going to let him be adventurous and keep him safe. Hopefully I don’t turn into an overprotective mom but somehow that will probably happen. My heart and prayers go out to that family.

Ok- lighter topic- Jonathan rolled over this weekend! On Saturday morning I finished feeding Jonathan so I was playing with him on our bed when all of a sudden I got wet. He leaked through his diaper! Grrr, he is ready to move up to size 3 but I am trying to stretch out my remaining 2s! I believe this is the cause for the recent round of leaks…but anyway, since I knew he just did this I decided to give him a little “free” time without his diaper so I laid him on a blanket as this is supposed to be good for their lil bottoms. Anyway, I decided to try tummy time too and as soon as I laid him down he rolled over. He had a surprised look on his face but I cheered and clapped for him so he immediately grinned. Josh heard me on the baby monitor and jumped out of bed to see what was up–I was so happy! I’ve been waiting for this milestone for almost a month so when it happened I was overjoyed especially because the doctor told us it may not happen for a few months. He did it again on Sunday afternoon too and Josh got to see it and share in the excitement!
Saturday night we had Jen and Jordan over for dinner. Josh grilled chicken and we had broccoli, baked potatoes, fruit and a cracker and cheese tray. After dinner we played a game of Settlers which was one of the better matches I’ve ever played as everyone did well. Of course, Josh won (again) but he got to pick his placements last which I think may have something to do with it. We also had chocolate cake and ice cream for dessert..mmm it was delicious. I am working on losing weight again though so I’m not sure why I had seconds. Saturday should be my cheat day I guess.

Sunday we went to the Vineyard and sat in the baby theater. We forgot the pacifier but Jonathan didn’t do to badly without it. He was a little fussy though so before lunch we stopped at Target to get new ones. We then went to Qdoba for lunch with Jen, Jordan, Dan, Beth, Katie and Tony (they got locked out of their car at Northgate mall). After lunch I ended up going to Sara’s after dropping Josh off at home. Jonathan got to go swimming again and this time didn’t go quite as well as last time but he didn’t cry too much. He wasn’t a fan of his raft. I need to get him a bumbo chair so he can practice sitting more. He is excellent at standing but doesn’t like to sit much so he doesn’t sit up very well. I think sitting up will help him in his baths (which last week or so we took away the ramp in the tub) and in the pool. After swimming, I came home and watched UP with Josh and played with Jonathan some more. He is such a sweet natured little boy. He smiles so much now and laughs and giggles, it is the best part of my day when I am home with my men. We skyped with Josh’s parents tonight too, glad they got to see Jonathan again:-)

Now getting ready for another work week….ugh for Mondays.

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