My Johnny is 6 months old!

Yesterday was Jonathan’s 6 month birthday and we celebrated way more than we probably should have. Oh well, it was fun. We planned to go to my parent’s for dinner but didn’t realize when we made the plans that it was Jonathan’s 6 month birthday. The day before I had bought him a few toys and sippy cups from Target with a gift card I received from work. I decided to give them to him for his 6-month birthday since that was the next day. I didn’t wrap the gifts or anything, but I did pull them out one by one and put them in front of him. He also received his very first laptop from Grandma and Grandpa- how exciting. The sippy cups seemed to be his favorite though, go figure. My parents (mainly mom I’m sure) also got him a cake! We cut him a piece and let him just go at it and with my help, he had a mouth full of icing way too quickly. That was pretty much all he was going to get as I didn’t want him to really eat that much and I didn’t know he’d react that way. We’re in trouble for his 1st birthday! It was really fun though, Casey and Tahnee were there too and got to share in the experience.

These past 6 months have been the most rewarding, hardest and unbelievable months of my life. I feel so blessed everyday to have my sweet little boy!

The latest Johnny news:
Weighs 18.2 lbs, height ~26.25 in
Sleeps 8:30/9-5:30-6 most nights
Eats Green beans, sweet potatoes (a favorite), corn, carrots, mashed potatoes, avacado and rice cereal; today he also ate bananas!
He sits up really well on his own and loves to play with toys, grasp rattles and pull mommy’s hair (hard!).
He doesn’t like most cameras but he loved getting his picture taken at JC Penny, was such a little ham the whole time laughing it up!
Blue eyes and blonde hair that is starting to grow back (cradle cap is going away!)

The latest

Well, this past month has certainly been eventful. Jonathan made it through most of June without needing a late night feeding and towards the end he didn’t wake at all! Josh would occasionally need to give him his pacifier but overall his sleeping has dramatically improved which has helped me immensely. The past two nights though he has needed to eat in the middle of the night, growth spurt perhaps?

We celebrated his 5 month birthday with rice cereal. He did fine the first try but for the second try he wasn’t as enthused. The next day I gave him some avacado which I’m not sure he actually swallowed. On Tuesday, we went to Lexington to visit my Grandparents and he got some mashed potatoes. I know I shouldn’t have introduced so much so fast probably but he did fine with it all and it was small quantities. The next week he had sweet potatoes and corn and green beans. He did not like the green beans but we’ll keep trying.

We also celebrated the 4th of July at the Crouseys, had a good party, good food and Jonathan swam again. He got dunked a bit this time but didn’t seem to mind. He was much less fussy than he was in mid June. He does really well when we go out- fell asleep at the Crouseys and didn’t wake when he was transferred to the car or crib, then he did well outlet shopping with me and Grammy today and he slept at Jen and Jordan’s during Jen’s birthday party. He was a very sweet peaceful demeanor and is setting the bar pretty high for his future siblings.

I love being a mother….I am surprised at how many of my views and opinions have changed now that I actually have a child. All have gotten better I think, but I have so much more to live for, love, and enjoy in life and its all thanks to my little Johnny.