small update

So, Jonathan and I were playing on the floor tonight and he kept laughing and laughing. I would laugh and then he would laugh and on and on. It was such a sweet response from such a wonderful little boy. I also tickled him and he shrilled! He’s getting really ticklish on his sides:-) I also noticed he looked a bit thinner today. He went through a growth spurt recently but he grew taller so his legs and belly don’t look as chubby. His little muffin top is smaller!

I never knew I could love anyone/thing so much. He fills my heart with joy every single day and that love just gets stronger and stronger as the time goes by.

Jonathan’s 6 month appt

Well, today was a pretty great day. Jonathan had his 6-month appt and he is 18 lbs 5.5 oz and 27 in long. Not quite doubled in birth weight but getting close. His head was 17in but I don’t trust that measurement, he was squirming the whole time and wanted to play with the tape. He was cute…he is very healthy and his hydroceale is almost gone! This means we’ve avoided the surgery, so incredibly happy about that!

I am sooooooo blessed to be his mama! I just went into this room and held him. Yes, he is asleep and has been for over an hour but I wanted to hold my baby. He stayed asleep for the most part but still didn’t lay his head on my shoulder, he just stuck it out. He definitely doesn’t like to cuddle. I will have to tell his future gfs about this:-) I held him for a few minutes and put him back in his crib. Some days I am gripped with fear that something may happen to him…it’s pointless to worry but I can’t help it some nights. Some days are definitely stronger than others, tonight was a strong one. I am so incredibly thankful that God lets me be his mama everyday, we are blessed beyond words.

**I love you more than the sun loves the moon, more than the moon loves the starts** Sweet dreams little one. <3 Mommy