Feeling Movement!

So, for those that hadn’t seen it on Facebook or heard directly from us–we are expecting baby Maag #2 late this summer! We are very excited to welcome another child into our family and thrilled that God is blessing us again. Today, Jonathan woke around 8:00 (5:30 for his first bottle but then back to bed) and it was my turn to get up with him and feed him/play for a bit. While we were downstairs and he was climbing all over me I felt a bump in my tummy. I have been feeling what I thought could be early fetal movements for over a week but wrote it off as I wasn’t sure. This morning, I was sure! As Jonathan was climbing on me and his little brother or sister, his sibling wanted to play back and I felt the thump. It’s very light so early on, but very exciting to me nonetheless. This past Monday, we heard the heartbeat for the first time at the DR. office. So simple yet so amazing and miraculous at the same time. The baby was very active (170 beats a minute) and kept moving away from the DR–JT did this too. It’s so neat to know this little being is already bouncing around inside of me and I look forward to feeling more and more each passing day.

Please continue praying for a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby–also, Jonathan has eye surgery tomorrow to open his blocked tear duct. Please pray for a successful surgery and very quick recovery.

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