Time for an update!

I suppose I should catch myself up and get back into blogging again…very hard when everyday life sucks all the energy from you.

Today was a very difficult and emotional day for me. Found out my sweet son took his first steps! How amazing! Seeing him grow every day and learn new things is such a blessing, I’m sure every year is special but the early years seem especially sweet as they change so quickly. I am so sad that I wasn’t home when this happened, my mom called me and told me the news. After hanging up I thought, did I really miss my son’s first steps? And for what? Work? I cried. This is not what life is about…I will get through this but not sure I won’t have regrets about this past year. I have a timeline and a plan and God willing, that will work out and I won’t always have these feelings or be in this situation. When I look at the date on the calendar, I pray for patience. I don’t want to wish myself into the future, but wouldn’t mind if it comes rather quickly.

I was really touched by the story about Dax Locke, for those not familiar with the story, google “One Last Christmas” by Mathew West. Warning: you will cry, hard, especially if you’re pregnant. By reading about his entire journey, I also learned about a little girl named Elizabeth who also passed away from cancer when she was 2. Today would be her 4th birthday…that makes me pretty emotional too. However, after reading about these stories, I have a new perspective on life and the motto “Cherish Every Moment” is very dear to me. When I have difficult times with Johnny, I stop, thank God for him, his health and the blessing that he is and know I won’t always have him home with me so these moments I cherish, good and bad.

Ok, time for something upbeat! Jonathan recently turned 1!! Wow! I can’t believe I am the mother of a 1-year old! So exciting! We had a big party for him at our house…well, technically it was “small” as we only invited close friends and friends with kids but it ended up being over 40 people when you add up the kids and adults. When I picked up the balloons from Party City I was really excited to bring them home to Jonathan. He loves balloons and I knew he would love these. Sure enough, he was swimming in them! Josh would hold him up and he’d bat at them and screamed with excitement over being surrounded by all of the balloons. What a sweet-heart! Seeing him filled with joy warms my heart and makes me smile. I was very thankful that day to have so much help too so I was able to enjoy his party. Julie (Josh’s mom) was able to fly in to celebrate with us! And she was a huge help getting all of the food together as were my parents. Beth and Casey helped decorate and Beth took people’s coats for me and helped me greet people…this became a big task with how many people came to celebrate with us! After an hour or so of eating and watching clips of Jonathan’s first year we let Jonathan have his cake. I think he was very overwhelmed by all of the people because he barely touched his cake and wasn’t too in to it. Luckily, he was very excited for his presents and helped open them. People were way to generous—this kid doesn’t need any more clothes or toys until next fall/winter and even then he might be good on the toy frontJ

That’s what I’ve got for you right now…stay tuned for some new news and BIGGER updates coming soon :-)

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