14 weeks along!

This pregnancy sure seems to be moving! We’ve known now for almost 10 weeks! This makes me so happy, while I want to enjoy my pregnancy, I’m not too upset if the time goes quickly. I am really looking forward to my maternity leave to spend more time with Jonathan and see what it’s like managing a household with two little ones.

We’ve all had colds lately and Josh’s and mine are still lingering a bit. Nasty coughs and lots of congestion have plagued our household for about 10 days now. I am really glad JT is doing so much better though. It’s amazing how different his personality is when he’s sick. It’s very difficult to deal with (though I realize he is a very healthy child overall, not complaining here one bit) and very hard to see your child so miserable. He cut two more teeth at the same time so that woke him up quite a bit in the middle of the night :-/ But, now that’s he’s better he is soo happy! It’s so fun to play with him and watch him discover new things. Lately he’s been getting into all of the kitchen cabinets and wants to reorganize the pantry. We still need to work on getting new latches and moving the cleaning products to a different sink…

Life has been full of storms lately and I just weather them one at a time. I am pretty confident in what the future holds for me/us and I really look forward to that. Just need patience to get there.

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