It’s finally Spring!

I am so excited that today is the first day of Spring! It has been such a long winter, full of more colds than usual and more snow than I can remember in recent years. I am so thankful that we are looking ahead to warmer temperatures, summer vacations and will end the beautiful summer with a beautiful new addition to our family.

This weekend was both fun and miserable depending on the minute I choose to remember. On Saturday, Josh had plans so I decided to take JT to the park because it was beautiful out. I had this beautiful picture of having fun watching JT play, pushing him in a swing, going down the slide, feeding ducks with him clapping his hands and smiling–the perfect picture in my mind. When we got there, I buckled him in the stroller and headed to the playground–the sun was out so his eyes were bothered (as usual) so I tried to keep him shaded as much as possible but he didn’t like his hat. We get to the playground and I let him out, thinking he’d run to play. He just looked up at me as if he was asking “do I really need to go do this?” I walked him over to one of the jungle jims and he didn’t really seem interested in touching it, climbing on it, or even crawling under it. So, I tried a swing. I put him in, facing away from the sun and it was instant tears! The poor guy…the slide was no better, you’d have thought he was being tortured by being told “let’s go play!” Finally we went down to feed the ducks and he just sat there looking completely bored, I at least had some fun at this point but we quickly left so he could go home. He went to sleep pretty quickly at home (though his last nap ended about 1.5 hours before this point, so I was surprised), I put him down and decided I needed a nap too after all that. This–would be the miserable part.

The fun parts were watching Jonathan play with his ball popper very enthusiastically. He responded well to my cheering and clapping as Josh caught it all on video. He was filled with so much joy as he played indoors–such a sweet memory. We also had fun going to the McNeelys do discuss an upcoming trip to Gatlinburg. I’m very excited to get to go back to the mountains this year–we absolutely love it there and will be fun to experience with friends. Josh took JT home early because it was bedtime, good and bad thing about bedtime routine is that JT goes down super easy most of the time, but he needs to go to bed when he wants to or he is miserable and fusses. I think most kids do this too probably, but we never let him go on, we always just put him to bed and let him get his sleep. I just wish he’d go down easier at other places, he only likes to sleep in his bed for the most part:-/

Sunday evening was a good evening at home. I enjoyed watching Jonathan play and it was bath night. Bath night is always fun because it involves “freedom” and letting JT run around the upstairs before and after his bath. He is so cute when he walks now, I just love to see him explore new things and walk around like he’s in charge.

So there it was, mostly a good weekend despite Jonathan teething and wanting to sleep more than usual. Can’t wait to get out of this teething round and enjoy my little boy again!

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