Birthday Fun

I’m not sure how it happens, but every year I end up with a 3-day celebration. I celebrate the actual day with my little family, another day with my immediate family and then a day with friends. This year was no exception. On Friday, my actual birthday, I was greeted with balloons and cake at work and got to go out to lunch. That evening Josh took me to TGI Fridays with Jonathan and then had presents at home. He gave me beautiful sapphire earrings and an early Anniversary gift of sapphire and diamond necklace…we’ll say it was a surprise ;-) JT gave me Reese’s eggs and all red starburst jelly beans. Saturday was a busy day, we got up to finish cleaning the house because my family was coming over for a lunch cookout. My wonderful husband grilled kabobs in the rain for me along with my dad who also got soaking wet. We enjoyed lunch and more presents–Identify Spa gift card from mom and O’Charleys gift card from Clint. Casey brought some awesome onsies for Ajay, which I am oh so excited for him to wear this fall. Soon after family left I high-tailed it out of there to go to a baby shower–stayed for a bit and then had to head back home so Josh & I could go to the symphony. We had a lovely date at Teak and the Symphony and were very glad our good friend Beth could babysit Jonathan. It was so cute when he came over because he knew what was going on, he was being very shy hiding behind our legs but warmed up to her and was a very good boy. What a relief, I was a bit worried he’d cry and give her a hard time!

Sunday was my birthday celebration with friends, we went Bowling around 3:30 and got a great deal where basically we bowled for ~2 hours at $5 a person. Sweet deal vs. $3.95 a game. After bowling we met more people at Spaghetti Factory, about 20 in total there and 3 little ones. I hadn’t actually been there in a long time but loved dinner and the free dessert. Megan also made me 3 cheesecakes! She knows me so well :-) They were all delicious and everyone loved them–both at the bowling alley and at Spaghetti Factory. I felt very blessed all weekend.

This week has been very up and down for me. I am slammed at work so that has been intellectually draining and Jonathan has been cranky some nights. The combination of the two has left me exhausted. But I am “up” because I get more excited each day to see my baby. Seeing him on the Ultrasound has just filled my heart with more joy than before and I really look forward to seeing him again because hopefully that will be in my arms! I am starting to have back pain and belly pains–back pain from playing Jonathan and probably some from pregnancy and the belly pains I don’t know about. Probably ligament pain, but I don’t remember this as much from before. It feels like I’ve pulled all of my stomach muscles every time I make a slight movement.

Finally, last but not least I just want to say how wonderful my husband is. He’s been putting in extra hours lately to finalize his project(s) at work and it truly shows what an amazing work ethic he has. He’s not lazy or demanding, and he wants to make sure the client is happy. I, however, tell him all the time he should be banking some comp time for this but that is not his priority. Also, every day I think of how lucky I am to have him and what a good person he is. He is truly a saint, I’ve probably said that before but there is nothing malicious or ill-intentioned about him He will always have other’s best interest at heart and I know he loves me more than I even believe. I love him and am glad he is my soulmate– I will try to post more about him and less about just the babes as our family was complete on Sept 2nd 2006…the kids are just welcomed additions. (Learned that in our child raising class at the Vineyard, took awhile to believe but now can see how true it is)

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