Precious Moments

Well, April 7th 2011 will certainly be a big day for us. One of the best and worst of my life. Jonathan has his surgery this morning and surprise surprise, I’m up in the middle of the night with a restless mind. Jonathan and I had a lot of fun last night as we chased each other around the ottoman. It’s one of his favorite games to play and he laughs to hard all the time! It’s a game of chase but with a constant change of whose changing whom. And nowadays, his walking/running is faster than my crawling! I love to see his sweet face light up with joy as we go round and round and he tries to get away and then suddenly tries to get mommy! So fun! He also discovered he could climb on my lap then climb up on the couch–he mastered this tonight by repeating this action over and over again. He’s gotten good at getting off the couch himself though occasionally, I catch big tumbles! But, he was so proud to get up on the couch “by himself”.

God has answered part 1 of my prayer for his surgery–that he would stay up later than usual so he could eat a snack and his milk would be more filling. He can’t have anything other than clear liquids after midnight, and nothing at all after 4:30. For a kid that usually is up at 6-7 crying for milk, this is not good if he has to wait until after his 8:45 surgery. Thankful he had his snack and enjoyed playing so much…took a bath at 9:00 and went down at 9:30. These days 7:30-8 is more normal for bedtime.

I plan to wake him at 4:00 to give him juice, in a perfect world, and prayer request #2 is that he will wake on his own or at least stir so it’s less of a disruption. Prayer #3 is for a calm morning, that JT will sleep in and not cry for too long and not be too upset. Prayers too for me and my nerves. I threw up tonight, not sure if it was nerves, pregnancy or the migraine I was fighting. People can pray for Josh too–but nothing specific, he’s doing a great job at keeping us all together and probably just needs prayers to handle me!

My little boy will be fine, God told me so. But, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t break my heart to go through this…and then my mind goes to how much worse things can be and how much harder other people have it. I realize that, and am thankful for my son’s health, happiness and bright future.

OH…and tomorrow I get to tell Jonathan if he gets a little brother or a little sister! Will be the first time I get to lay my eyes on my second baby and I can’t wait! I love this child so much and can’t wait to give him or her a name (and new wardrobe, haha) and finish out this pregnancy. 19 weeks today and going strong…

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