29 weeks! Whoa baby

Wow, tomorrow marks Week 29 in this pregnancy. I can’t believe I am this far along…I remember really looking forward to Johnny’s birthday party to tell everyone, then the big 20 week mark and then week 26…and now I’m 3 past that? What’s the next week? Maybe 34 or 37 oh heck, let’s just get to 40!

I have really felt my health and energy level deteriorate these past few weeks. More so my energy than my health–I thank God every day that I am healthy and my baby is healthy. Some days I am jealous of friends who get to see their baby over and over again on ultrasounds but know I am far more grateful than jealous that I don’t have a need for that. Everything is progressing very well with this baby, and I did have a second ultrasound last week so they could get better pictures and saw he has “chubby cheeks”! I am very excited about this, such a sweet thing to get to see and to see my baby has really grown!

Jonathan brings me joy every day, though I think I can also blame him for my energy drain. He is quite the handful but becoming more and more of a ham. He is learning to blow kisses–he blew me 2 on Sunday and today I asked for a kiss and he put is hand over his mouth and whole face really–he was even pulling down one of his eyes. Probably the creepiest kiss that’s ever been blown to me, but I’ll take it anyday. Jonathan is learning to understand that “baby” and “brother” means my belly. When I say play with brother or say hi to brother he tends to climb on or whack my belly a few times. It’s quite cute, really. The trick may be to teach him that my belly is no longer these things when the baby actually comes. He’s been throwing more fits lately, not sure if it’s related to the 11th tooth (lower center right) I found tonight or just general toddlerdom. Maybe it’s his only way to communicate with us right now so that’s how he chooses to object to things? Josh is better at the persistent “no” than I am. If it’s not something hurting him or endangering him, I tend to not follow through on my orders of “no” “don’t touch” or “sit down”. I am working on this…but wonder if I have enough energy to get through parenting a toddler right now?!? I figure as long as I am keeping him safe and fed, he’ll be fine, but maybe a tad spoiled.

My sweet baby needs a name…husband needs to work on this more with me! I don’t always want to call him “Ajay” or baby, I want to call him by his name!

Work tomorrow will be a difficult day for me–emotionally I am making a big decision I think and won’t know the outcome for awhile. But it’s a decision that will alter some of my previous plans. I am trusting God that he will take me down the path I am meant to go down, whichever that is, I will be content.

Please pray that I can have peace with life decisions, patience and energy to be a good mommy and for continued positive health with this pregnancy. Please pray for my friends and family that are also experiencing the joys of pregnancy or that hopefully soon will ;-) but please pray specifically for health for them and their babies.

Praise God for our health, Jonathan’s health, baby’s health, financial blessings, good family, and good friends.