33 weeks+

I’m not sure if blogging at 5 AM is a smart thing to do, especially when pregnancy hormones seem to rage on and on these days but here goes.

Today was a fun day but also a stressful one. Josh had plans all day so it was just me and JT- I decided earlier in the week to invite some friends over for a play date to keep us company. I was glad to hear Katie and Kendra were coming because I was looking forward to having a good play date for JT and chose to do this over a few other things.  However, I knew staying home in the afternoon would probably be best and it was best, I really enjoyed my time with 2 newborns, watching Darren and JT play together and entertaining 2 4 (almost 5) year-olds. JT and I had a little time outside before the other kids came, and then once they showed up all of the toys got pulled out. Jonathan and Darren played with the basketball hoop and the older kids played with the toy workbench and power tools. After awhile, the older kids made sugar cookies which was a lot of fun for me. I really look forward to my boys being that age and being able to do hands on activities with them. The stress of the day was just getting ready to have people over and being unsure of a few maybes (also, did I have stuff to entertain 4 year olds, judging by them not wanting to leave my house, I’d say yes :-) ) and handling Jonathan by myself for a day while feeling so pregnant could have been a challenge but I managed. I did miss a few friends that I hoped would come and will try not to assume any reasons behind them not coming as that is not going to help anything. I will also say, I was really glad Cheryl, Coleman and Ira stopped by–although JT was napping during their visit it was a pleasant surprise that they made it and got to hang out for a bit.

Switching gears, so, I find myself in somewhat of an isolated place some days, wondering when life started moving so fast and how I got caught up in just keeping my head afloat vs. controlling the rapids and knowing where life was going. Maybe that’s what happened when JT came along or more likely when I got pregnant again and JT because so active. Those things together are quite a bit to handle some days.

So here we are, counting down the days until baby 2 comes. I enjoy being pregnant overall but really can’t wait for him to be here. I can’t wait to have my energy back and not constantly feel pain–lots of belly pain this week and sometimes it hurts to walk a lot.

Despite the typical pregnancy aches, I am really enjoying Jonathan these days. He’s waving bye bye and gives wonderful hugs and kisses. His favorite thing to do is find cords (car charger, baby monitor, laptop adapter, etc) and plug them in (to mommy, the couch, between cushions, etc) and it’s really cute to watch. He also loves the new remote control that “glows” but knows he’s not supposed to have it. He’s wiggled his way into the small space between our couch and loveseat and will play there for awhile with all of the cords and remotes that were put there so he couldn’t get to them. Smart kid.

He still loves to play chase and giggles up a storm when you go after him…though if you wait too long to go get him, he will come back and yell at you to keep on playing with him. He’s also learned to show “all gone” by turning up his hands–Grandma Maag taught him this when she was visiting last week. It’s very cute and he’s getting very close to putting more and more words together.

I guess I can also report that he had his first kiss tonight in the swimming pool–we told Ellie to give JT a kiss and he also kissed her back, then cheesed really big for awhile. He knew he was big stuff. They actually had a few more smooches and finally I think JT told me to “stop watching mom” which was hard to do with him in my arms. Oh but it was really cute. What a fun phase this is turning out to be.

Other Jonathan milestones: drinking from a real cup and using a spoon and fork, he still tips his spoon over but he’s getting really close to using it right. He’s pretty good with his forks too but still needs more practice. He will go find things if you ask him to and loves to go outside–he will bring his shoes so he can go out. He doesn’t resist holding our hand in the parking lot anymore and is a big help at the grocery. He will put things in the cart from his seat if you give them to him. He also rode in the car grocery cart for the first time last week and had a blast as long as I had the cart moving :-)

For these next few weeks I will try to keep my mind focused on the positive and continue praying for the right direction/people in my/our lives. I love my family–they are my life and can’t wait to experience life as a family of 4.

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