39 weeks!

Jeremiah is kicking me quite a bit right now, he keeps rolling around and I can feel what I assume are his feet or possibly a knee. I can officially say I am ready for him to come, I am happy with how things are at work and home is as good as it’s going to get. Wow, I am there!

I am so excited for his arrival, I can’t wait to meet him face to face, check out the full head of hair that’s giving me so much heartburn, and see Jonathan interact with his little brother. I am so excited for another boy! People always think I’m disappointed about not having a girl, but I always wanted to give Jonathan a brother and I’m glad we are doing just that.

I am feeling pretty good these days, I think better than I did at the same point with Jonathan. I had a Dr appt today and am 1.5 cm, 50-60% effaced and 100% ready to give birth. Unfortunately my least favorite of the doctors are the ones on call the next 2 weekends, very low chance my DR will actually deliver me but the nurses really make the experience, and of course my husband. I am definitely looking forward to our week together as a family when Jeremiah is here, will be nice to have that time with Josh and Jonathan for sure! I am feeling outnumbered by the J’s here…

We took Jonathan to Chick Fil-A and the park. We didn’t realize it was kids night at CFA–great for the free food but not so great for a toddler in the big kids play place. So we went to a park instead. My fantasy of him playing in the park finally became a reality!!! Usually taking Jonathan to the park results in tears, grumpiness or general disinterest but tonight he LOVED the slides and kept going down them. He got really good at getting himself up all the stairs and to each slide too. Of course, we still watched him closely but he was definitely holding his own. He also played a little chase with a little girl that was older than him and they went down the slide repeatedly after each other. I think he loved playing with her:-)

In other good Johnny news, he went to the eye DR yesterday and they said the patching is working!! Praise God for that, no glasses as of yet and so far he doesn’t mid the patching too much. He cries and fights it when you put it on but a few mins later he is completely fine. I truly believe God knew I couldn’t handle having to restrain my baby or put drops in his eyes at this point in my pregnancy so we are blessed to have him be so cooperative and spare my emotions. Praise God!

Also, very thankful that we are so blessed right now–so happy my baby is healthy and my pregnancy has progressed so well, Josh and I both have good jobs a happy marriage (of almost 5 years!!) and life is going well overall. When my biggest complaints are the DR on call the next few weekends and heartburn, I think my life is pretty good. Oh, I will add to that list–21 stretch marks I counted tonight on my belly, yikes! I only had 2ish with Jonathan, maybe Jeremiah needed a map to see how to get out? At any rate, not looking forward to what that will look like after he’s here, but am very much looking forward to my flat stomach again, oh how I miss you!

Please continue praying that Jonathan’s eyesight will continue to improve, my health and energy will remain high and that Jeremiah arrives safe, healthy and on a Wednesday :-)

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