Living in the moment

I have often been a person who dreams of the future and very much looked forward to significant moments in life. I always wanted to be married, pregnant, have a family, a house- typical American dream items. But now, I have those things, feel extremely blessed and am very happy. But, yesterday I told Josh I wished I would have treasured the days before our kids came just a little more…can never have them back. I do not in any way regret where I am, just wish we had a few more nights together and days to sleep in. I felt the same way when I was out of college…wanted to go back. Josh made a very good comment, he said in a few years I’ll wish I was in this moment, with our small children. Wow, how right he was! Made me realize I need to stop dreaming so much of the future and wishing to relive the past, I need to live in the moment. This also made me realize I now look to the past more than the future, wow, I’m not sure I like that.

We went to a Pumpkin patch today and had a lot of fun for the most part. There was a huge tube slide that Jonathan loved, he kept wanting to go down over and over. He also had fun playing in a similar tube on the ground and climbing the hay bail. I realized I am a bit of a hovering mommy, though most of the kids climbing that were at least twice his age so I feel justified but I realized I need to let him explore more without always being an arms length away. I enjoyed watching him have so much fun outside and explore so much. We rode a hay ride to the pumpkin patch where he wandered around a bit. He wasn’t too interested in most of the pumpkins and was worn out by the end. We didn’t get to the corn maze because he was so cranky and really ready for a nap. He was passed out within 5 minutes of leaving.

We all had cranky moments today and luckily most of us got naps and felt better (thanks daddy!)…he took care of both kids and gave Jonathan his bath. I love coming upstairs to the smell of Johnson’s shampoo and love living life and all the glory that parenting has to offer with my best friend. He encourages me, loves me, forgives me and strengthens me. I am blessed always, especially while living in this moment.

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