10 weeks old and time for an update

My baby is already 10 weeks old, almost 11! I am in complete denial that I am going back to work on Tuesday, I haven’t cried much yet and that has to bet he denial! Here is what has been going on in the Maag household:

Jonathan: his speech improves every day as he adds more and more words to his vocabulary. I’ve noticed he will repeat the last word in a phrase I say almost all the time so I am now trying to end my sentences with new words. He loves to brush his teeth and will go get the toothpaste out of his drawer and wait for it to be put on his toothbrush. When I rinse the brush and give it to him to rinse, he won’t do it without more toothpaste. Knowing this defeats the purpose I pretend to add more taste and he joyfully brushes away. One other new action I’ve noticed, is he loves to run out of the bathroom after a bath and lay facedown on the carpet with his towel covering his whole body. Sometimes he misses and his lil feet stick out–which I promptly tickle. He is such a ticklish kid! He must get that from mommy but sersiously, almost every part of him is ticklish. He has also picked up a few bad habits lately- hitting primarily. I wonder if he started it after seeing me burb JJ? Not that I am hitting my baby really hard, but he sees that action and maybe thinks its ok? We’ve been doing lots of time outs and sadly I gave him his first real spanking. Hoping something sinks in so he stops but I tell myself, this phase too shall pass and the hits are not hard, more attention getting than anything. He still likes to throw things and broke a glass ornament in Hobby Lobby this week and one of my craft ornaments at home. We’re treating this with time outs too and reinforcing that he can only throw “soft” items and balls.

Jeremiah: Our sweet little JJ is doing wonderfully well and still growing like a champ. He’s up to 13 lbs 10oz and 24 inches long! He’s 75-80% for both. He is just a little behind where JT was at the same age but thankfully he’s lasting in his clothes a little longer so I haven’t pulled out all of the 6 month clothes just yet. He is really starting to smile a lot showing lots of personality. He is getting very close to rolling from tummy to back and I thought he would do it this weekend. He loves to hold his head up high turning tummy time and doesn’t fall asleep on the mat anymore. He was on a very good eat-wake-sleep schedule and ever since his 2 month shots last Tuesday has gone off track. He wakes during his naps, cries and doesn’t go down quite as easily. The kids shots are always so hard on me, hurts mama more than them I’m sure. Hopefully he gets back on track soon as it was so nice while it lasted. I am very thankful right now that he is taking bottles better and my mom has spent more time with him lately. I am quite confident he will take to her just fine when I go back. I sure am going to miss his sweet smiling face all day long–whoa, heart is getting heavy thinking about it.

The adults: I have had a great few days to help distract me from the thought of going back. On Thursday, I went to the spa and got my hair cut, eye brows waxed, hot stone massage and facial. It was GLORIOUS. I literally left the spa singing I felt so good. Friday night I got dressed up to go to a jewelry party–was so nice to leave the house for something other than an errand or dr. appointment! Also so nice to get dressed up as I’ve lived in mostly sweats for the past 10 weeks. Then, on Saturday, Josh and I finally celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. We ate at Boi na Braza Brazillian steakhouse downtown and both tried all 15 types of meat. I don’t think I’d do it again though Josh really enjoyed it. After dinner we went on a carriage ride through down town which was awesome. It was also quite fitting as we rode off in a carriage at our wedding. I would definitely do that again and it would be fun to take the kids with us some day. After our ride we met up with some friends at Cadillac Ranch and had a drink before going home. It was a bit of an early night but seemed like a wonderful evening just the same. I got my gift from Josh right after my birthday this year and his gift (still to be ordered) is coming a bit late…but I love the beautiful saphire necklace he gave me and I know he’ll enjoy whatever he ends up getting (he still needs to confirm what he’d like, lol).

We are also shopping around for a new minivan and test drove a few Odyssey’s. We are still undecided on make, model and year but hoping to have one before Christmas.

My hands are feeling much better and I am quite relieved the braces help me so much though they are a pain to wear especially at night. Oh well, it has to be better than surgery I guess.

That’s all for now…expect a more mopey update when I go back to work! :(

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