Holidays & Return to Work

So I’ve been back to work now for almost 3 weeks and am just now starting to feel a sense of routine return to my life. It’s been a hard adjustment, honestly harder than I anticipated. I miss my boys, going back was leaving Jonathan all over again and I no longer see him in the morning. Our time is confined to 5-8:30 every night and that time also includes getting dinner together, feeding JJ, and taking care of life. It’s just not enough time.

Thanksgiving was nice. I felt that Josh and I had a good break with the kids. We went up to Lima on Thursday to see Josh’s family and then hosted Thanksgiving for my family on Friday. We also managed to do some black friday shopping and got a jump start on gifts. The tree went up on Sunday and it felt so special to have Jonathan help with ornaments. Of course, he put them on like any almost 2 year-old would but that’s all part of the fun. Seeing him wrap himself in the gold garland beads was priceless–he’s such a sweetheart. I try to spend a lot of time with him in the evenings–which is my new exercise program. Lifting a 27lb toddler up and down over and over again is surely going to burn some calories, right?

Christmas time is such a special time–we went shopping for the boys gifts last night (thanks again M&D for watching them) and I had soo much fun at Toys R Us. I wanted to get Johnny so many toys, but also realized how blessed we already are and he really didn’t need much. But, we made a few selections there and at Target and I am very excited for Christmas morning. I will try not to have too high of expectations, but I absolutely can’t wait to see his face when he sees his new toys we picked out. I am also excited to be celebrating Christmas with Jeremiah this year. I am overjoyed to have both of my little boys and now as Jeremiah is more and more alert and wide eyed, it’s fun to show him the tree and lights and be interactive. He is laughing a lot more these days and I LOVE it, so sweet and special. Tonight, I kept pressing his nose like a button and he would smile and giggle enough for me to see his little dimple. Wonder where he got those?

This is a public blog so I write somewhat cryptically- however I know where my heart is and I know where I am going. While Josh and I still need to officially lay out plans, God has already shown me the best path, shown me what I need to do (actually he told me awhile ago) and I think I am ready to finally listen. We started going to RiverHills again and a few of the sermons were spot on–trusting God, testing God, tithing–I am ready to do it. Ready to trust, test, respond and obey.

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