Another Year Over and a New One Just Begun

The lyrics to the title of this post mean more to me than ever now. I simply cannot believe we just celebrated another New Years. It truly doesn’t seem like that long ago we were at the same friend’s house ringing in the new year together or that I was putting things together for Jonathan’s first birthday. It was a blessed year for our family, fully of some ups and downs but overall what a wonderful year. Here are my highlights:

January – My baby turned one. We had a really fun Owl Themed “Look Whooo’s Turning One” party in January. It was complete with cousins, JT’s friends, our friends and family. He had lots of fun playing with his friends, crawling around the house and helping open presents. He sure was spoiled that day and I am still grateful for all our friends and family who made it so special.

February 14th – this is a special day not because of Valentine’s day but because it marks the day Josh and I heard sweet Jeremiah’s heartbeat for the first time. Such a beautiful sound knowing my baby was growing inside of me as healthy as could be.

April 7th – this day was a much anticipated day for two reasons. First, Jonathan had his tear duct probing surgery which looking back was not such a big deal, but at the time it was very nerve-wrecking for me. My baby was put to sleep in my arms and I remember distinctly praying for him as I felt his little body go limp and I passed him to the nurse. Tears started filling my eyes (let’s blame being pregnant, ok?) and Josh and I went to the waiting area. Praise God it all went smoothly and he recovered very quickly. That afternoon, Josh and I had our first ultrasound with Jeremiah and found out we were giving our son a little brother! I was very excited for this news and we celebrated over cheesecake at no where else but Cheesecake Factory. Yumm

May was a great month. We enjoyed a week in Hilton Head, SC with my parents and it was wonderful. We were very lazy, ate great food, went to the beach, saw 2 moon rises and 1 sunrise and had lots of fun with Jonathan exploring everything he could. He loved to push the elevator buttons, see the turtles and close himself off in the bedrooms. But, you couldn’t leave him there long or he’d start banging on the door for you to come find him.

Summer – we didn’t do as much this summer, mostly due to weather I think. It was either dreadfully hot or raining or we didn’t grill much. We did go on a mini getaway with friends to Gatlinburg. My mom and dad were kind enough to keep Jonathan (surprise at last minute!) so we enjoyed a trip away with friends sans kids as we knew we wouldn’t have many more of those opportunities after #2 arrived. We did get Jonathan a swimming pool and did enjoy having him splash about and play in the water. We also got a sprinkler which he loved running through and managed to figure out how to spray me with it–a bit scary at first but lots of fun and sweet memories. Summer was also special because of how much Jonathan grew. Of course coming home from HH, we wanted to push the doorbell and I remember him not being able to reach it without a little help. Now, he can press the button with ease (his little finger can go a whole inch over the button) and I remember sitting out with him and noticing this for the first time. I also remember in spring that he needed help going down our back deck stairs and I’d always hold his hand. He can practically run down the steps himself now and go play in the yard. This too was a very special memory for me this fall when I realized just how much he grew.

And then there was August -what a long, hot, and slooow month. I tried to enjoy every minute with Jonathan knowing it was our last time together with just him. But the big pregnant belly got in the way of our wrestling and I had to watch him play with his daddy from the couch most of the time. We did manage to make to a Red’s Game this year with Jonathan–on my due date nonetheless and had a great time. I am glad Josh’s company has such nice perks.

September 2nd – Happy 5th Wedding Anniversary! Wow, 5 years? How awesome and special…we didn’t celebrate until 10 weeks later due to being pregnant and health issues, but that didn’t matter. What matters is I love my husband more now than I did on that day and I help that love continues to grow.

September 6th – my world changed again. I am so thankful that I went into labor on my own very early in the morning this day. And I loved laboring so much more this time around- I knew what to expect and I knew I would be getting a precious baby in the end. It was pure joy delivering Jeremiah James Maag at 2:04 in the afternoon and I look forward to doing it again someday, God willing.

Fall – One of my greatest joys as a mother is seeing my child love others. I try to fill Jonathan’s life with love and make sure he knows how much he is loved and how special he is. Seeing him love his brother and give him hugs and kisses and want him to be ok is truly joyous. Jonathan will try and burb his brother, rock his brother, give him his paci, blanket or toy or whatever he thinks he needs to be happy. He is a loving child and that makes me very happy.

Fall was spent on maternity leave and unfortunately more time in a Dr office or hospital than I would have liked but I am thankful for good medical care and 2 (now) healthy children. While at home I worked on adjusting to life as a family of 4, getting both kids on some sort of routine together and played. Lots of playtime–Jonathan started tumbling class and it’s our special mommy-Johnny time. I want them to enjoy being children, discovering new things and lots of playtime. The month of October ended with the best Halloween ever as I had the cutest little monkey and banana to trick-or-treat with. Our friends, the Clems came over and it was great to see Darren and Jonathan get to play together and enjoy Halloween together again.

November – November was a bittersweet month. I was soaking up the last of the daytime cuddles with Jeremiah and playtime with Jonathan. We had a welcome party for Jeremiah and it was great to celebrate him and his birth. Being the 2nd kid and especially the 2nd boy, I didn’t have any showers. I received several random gifts but no showers to celebrate him. So, having the party was the perfect way to celebrate him and all the joy he brings to our lives. I will do that for every child so we can celebrate them and welcome them into our worlds. We are again thankful for the generosity of so many who blessed us with meals, and gifts for the kids. It truly means a lot to us. The less sweet part of the month came when I went back to work on the 22nd and was comforted only by the fact that it was holiday time–that and I have the best childcare possible, ever. So, I looked forward to my first few days being over so we could celebrate Thanksgiving. We headed to Lima and had a great time with Josh’s family. We had just seen them in Sept for Josh’s Grandma’s 80th birthday but it’s amazing how much can change in a few months and was nice to have them see the kids again (and us see them too). After enjoying his Aunts hospitality we headed home and worked on our Thanksgiving. We hosted my parents and family this year and had lots of fun cooking with my dad. I think it all turned out ok despite a few hissy fits from me–yes I admit it.

December – Pure Magic. I could not wait for Santa Claus to come to our house this year and he sure didn’t disappoint. Jonathan doesn’t quite get it this year but Santa was good to him anyway. The holiday started on Dec 18th with Christmas with the Mahany’s. This year was another blessed year and the kids were getting spoiled already. Jonathan got a huge stuffed tiger which he didn’t react to right away, but at home after a bath and all he wanted to do was ride his tiger. Tigrrr, Tigrrr, Choo is what he kept saying. Not sure if he thought it was a tiger train or what, but he enjoyed it. Then, Josh’s parents came to town on the 24th and we surprised the Maag clan in Lima with their arrival. He had a splendid week filled with gifts, Festival of Lights at the Zoo, Holiday in Lights, and shopping. So much fun. I will write my own post about Christmas morning, hopefully soon


December 31st – the last day of the year and my mind was boggled most of the day thinking this. We celebrated at Jen and Jordan’s house with both kids. Jonathan ran around with some of his buddies- Ellie, Darren, and Ira and Jeremiah was happy to be snuggling in Megan’s arms most of the evening. We left around 10/10:30 to get Jonathan home to bed. He probably would have lasted a little longer but this was already way past his usual 8:30 bedtime and we didn’t want to push it. Josh and I put the kids to bed and rang in the new year drinking champagne from the comfort and security of our own bed listening to the littlest one coo himself to sleep.

Happy 2012–may it be as blessed as 2011.

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