Precious Moments

Life is precious and certainly full of precious moments lately. My sons amaze me. They are growing so quickly and I often find myself marveling at them.

Jonathan…my reserved, tender- hearted 2 year old. I am so in awe of the fact that you are now 2 years old! I had no idea what it would be like to raise a 2 year old but I feel so honored to be your mama. You are a very happy, sweet, polite child who loves to run, march, press every button possible and watch Elmo’s World constantly. I think we may have spoiled you by fast forwarding Sesame Street on Netflix…I love to see your caring personality emerge. You get so concerned when your brother is upset and rush in to help him or look to mama to see what she’s going to do about it. You are very polite, not only with please and thank you manners, but you are patient, and have a sweet spirit when you interact with other kids. Lately your “thank you welcome” all together melts my heart. I’m really glad I’ve gotten to put you to bed more often lately–your baths are always lots of fun as you work on your colors and draw with your tub crayons. I love that you always guess “blue” first no matter what the color is and even when you know you aren’t right :-) I love that you know almost all of your ABCs and will count the stairs with me–you are one bright little boy! One of my favorite recent memories was when you did “apart togethers” with your brothers legs as he was in my carrier–you sure know how to show off what you’re learning at Tumbling class! Also at night, I love that you want lotion and will rub lotion on my legs too, that’s one trait I hope you keep a long time! I always “snap” your jammies even if there isn’t one at the top…you just wouldn’t have it any other way. The weather has been unseasonably warm lately so we’ve already been to the park a few times and out on walks. I look forward to many more family memories this summer and being outside as much as possible! Here are a few pictures of what we’ve been up to…


My sweet Jeremiah- WoW a whole 6 months has gone by! Where was I? Oh, probably exhausted from not sleeping because you my sweet little one won’t sleep through the night yet. But, that’s ok–I know you will in time. You decided you wanted to sit-up and stay up recently and you can reach really far for a toy and spring yourself back upright. How did you learn this amazing skill so quickly? I love to watch you smile and giggle- you are good at that. You love and adore your daddy and he is always able to get big grins out of you. We put you in a swing at the park for the first time last week and you enjoyed yourself, didn’t get upset like your brother always did! I’m glad we get to go outside lots now, I know you are going to love to play in the grass and explore new things. I love to see your playful spirit emerge as you longingly look at your brother wishing you were running along side of him. I love to see you reach out to play with everything and explore the world around you, especially with your mouth if possible! You are so adventurous already, I can only imagine what you’ll be up to when you can get around! Also recently we started adventures in feeding! To my surprise you were very eager to get the spoon in your mouth but your tummy wasn’t so eager for the food. Rice cereal didn’t sit particulary well and you broke out with an eczema rash after some pears. We aren’t sure if it was the pears or just eczema on its own so we are taking things slow. You love sweet potatoes and squash and did well with apples. I look forward to making you food soon with the new Magic Bullet I got for Christmas. I just wish I was doing it sooner for you, mommy hasn’t quite found that time yet.

So my sweet little ones, thank you for filling my days with love and laughter. My heart is full.

Love, Mommy

My darling husband–I so loved that we chose to play Laser Tag for our date night and had a blast together doing so. I also love that I beat you and you didn’t actually seem that surprised. I love that we can still have fun together and enjoy each other despite our really busy days. I hope we can keep finding that time together that we so desperately need, it does wonders for me:-)

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