6 months old…of course we had to celebrate!

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Grandpa gets great smiles out of me! Look mom, no hands!
They got me a cake?! really? haha yes.... Excited for this "cake"
First toy- a shape sorter that rolls Second toy, studying intently What does it say mom?
Wow, his first laptop Took him a minute to get interested in it Sippy cups were a hit!
Ball shooter he picked it up and pumped it once or twice eventually passed the taste test
daddy and Johnny- took off the sailor outfit, it was a bit too small
Tried to get a family photo...a little dark We let him go at his cake The icing made a Hitler mustache
he figured this out pretty fast and loved it! Mom helped a bit of course YUMMY Clean-up time came fast, I didn't think he'd get that much icing so fast!
He wanted more cake but was only allowed a tiny bit...just wait for 1 year, then he can have as much as he wants His growth chart that I made, not yet complete as you can see by the holes, I have a few more additions to make Getting measured for the first time, about 26.25 inches though it's quite difficult to measure a 6 month old.
Daddy doing what he does best, tickling me! Very happy baby boy!
getting sleepy Haha, love him so much There are pictures of my grandpa and great-grandpa doing this same thing with their hands, guess that's where I get it from!
Happy on the floor... Not happy in the panda chair Playtime!
Of all the blocks in the shape sorter, the lid is my favorite, thanks Kate and Jeff! Photo shoot in front of the mirror
Big boy in the bath tub Play date with Darren! Darren was so excited...as was JT eventually.
Darren has tasty fingers happy boys! They were cracking us up, and themselves!
Watch out world, Darren is a crawler More fingers Daddy feet and baby feet...where will his feet take him?
Last time in this Monkey romper from Grandma Maag :( The two loves of my life
I love going upside down! Makes mommy nervous sometimes though...true little monkey Juice please Playing with cousin Josie, she wanted to help with the bottle, and gave me lots of toys I wasn't supposed to have!
more play time with mommy! Yummy toys Mom's blackberry is my current favorite...uh oh...
Lucky to have had this outfit in the diaper bag after the Target Blowout of 2010 Practicing crawling Too bad I hate tummy time!
Aunt Casey gave me this onsie right after mommy and daddy found out about me...look, it fits now! Someone needs to get me a Buckeye Onsie too... Under the gym, as a size reference.
yumm a rattle Hi Mom...bababababaaa bobbob baba that's what I said all night! looks so sneaky here
Aren't we handsome? so happy sitting on daddy's lap!  
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Description: We made plans to have dinner with my parents last week without realizing it was on JT's 6 month bday, so when we got there I planned to give him a few new 6m+ toys and Grandma and Grandpa surprised him with a birthday cake! It wasn't planned but it was really really fun...don't tell my other kids. They probably won't get a 6 mos birthday celebration!